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Sadda Haq 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Sanyu comes in room. Aryan says what happened? She says I can’t do this. Aryna says what? She says no matter how much I try Nirman wont think I am deserving. He says tell me what happened exactly? Sanyu tells him everything. Aryan says you will stay in team. i will talk to him. Sanyu says he wont change his decision. He holds her hand and says you are the most deserving person here. He will have to take you in his team. Sanyu says you are right I shouldn’t give up this soon. Nirman doesn’t think
i am deserving. Now i will do double hardwork. I will make myself so strong that his taunt and torture wont do anything to my focus. I will get on the team anyhow I promise. Aryan says thats my sanyu.

Sanyu is in her room. Sanaya comes in. sanyu says hi, she says hi back. Sanaya says do you need it? sanyu says no thanks. Saanyu says actually I wanted to say.. Sanaya says its all right. that was past. I know it was quite unexpected. Everyone has a past. Its all right. Sanyu says trust me its over. She says I trust you. I wont have told anyone right. Its past. sanyu says thank you so much for understanding. I was thinking.. how will I talk to you.

Parth says come on guys what are you saying? Randhir leaves his food and goes from there. Parth says please listen but he doesn’t. Sanyuu says I am sorry your dinner is spoiled. I will make up for it but my and randhir’s chapter is closed. I know you came here to relive old memories. We have forgotten everything, you should too. Just let it go.
Sanaya is eating ice cream with Randhir. She says you ditched your old friend for me? I can’t believe this. He says okay if you doubt then I am going to office. She says no wait. Eat this ice cream. He says thanks I don’t want it. She says no eat it please. Its on his nose. Sanaya laughs. she says I am really sorry. she coughs. randhir says you okay? Let me bring water. she says I am fine. Sanaya cleans his nose and says smile. He places his head in her lap. Parth sees them and smiles.

Aryan comes to sanyu and gives her a coffee. It has a note I know you will succeed I am with you. Parth sees them together. sanyu says thanks. I thought you would be mad. I went for dinner and randhir was there as well. He says I was angry, but not at you but on my ownself. He says in heart I love you so much. He says when it comes to you, heart takes over my mind. sanyu says I.. He holds her hand and says you don’t have to say a thing. I can’t doubt at you. Parth says in heart they look happy in their lives but I still want them together.

Precap-Sanyu hears cats voice and gets scared. Joy says it was a tone. Sanyu laughs randhir smiles as well. Sanaya sees them. Sanaya says to randhir nirman tortures sanyu so much still she is so desperate. randhir says i don’t know why destiny brought her here. I was happy in my life.

Written Update By Atiba


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