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Sadda Haq 1st June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanyu plays the recording. Lights turn off randhir is in front of sanyyu. He says I can’t believe that I haven’t seen Sanyu in 30 days. I haven’t rested my head in her lap. She is far away from me. Randhir says I am trying too hard to gather courage to apologize. I can’t. My heart asks me to call you and apologize. I don’t know why ego comes in between. Do you feel the same? Do you dial my number and cut the call? I thought I would look at your picture but then I realized I deserve to be alone but when I breathe I love you. Please come back. Lights turn on. The recording is over. Randhir says it kills me when I realize the reason behind your tears is me. So much happened since I was a child. It is my fault that I couldn’t keep our relationship alive. What happened with Parth was an accident. But its too late but trust me, hating you is easier than missing you. You know we both think our opinion is strong. We are not wrong for each other we are just different from each other. I know how much I love and miss you. Every day. I mean it. I think about you every second. He screams and says I don’t know what to do. Please help me. Please come back in my life. Lights turn on. Randhir is not there. Sanyu cries and says I was so wrong. Randhir always loved me. Why didn’t you tell me? Why did this happen? why it happened in our lives?
Recording continues.. Randhir says there was a time when I wanted to kik you out of FITE. I reject job offers but I can’t work without. You made me a better person and your love brought out best in me. Thank you so much for that. In her imagination.. He takes her hand and hugs her.
He says I tested a car and I failed but I was happy. I am like a zombie without you. I love you. Sanyu says I love you too. I am very sorry. I should have talked. She says I am sorry.. Aryan says sanyu? Why are you saying sorry? and why are you crying? sanyu says the sorry I should have said way before. I will tell you everything but I have to go now.
Aryan sees the recording. He says I am sorry i am not spying on you but I need to know why it made you cry? He listens the recording and gets mad.

Scene 2
Aryan comes to Sanaya and says whats going on? I know what you are listening too.. Randhir’s voice notes. SAnaya says how you know? Aryan says whats important is that sanyu realizes what a loser randhir is. She says I don’t know what you are talking about. Aryan says I know randhir is your friend but I didn’t know you are so shallow. I traced those voice notes and realized they were created two days ago. You took files from randhir and delivered them to sanyu. Master stroke. You did this because she was confessing to me? Now think what sanyu will think when she gets to know the reality. SAnaya says please listen to me.. He says what? Sanaya says wait a minute.
She makes him listen voice recording.. Randhir says sanyu I couldn’t forget you.. She says please listen.. Sanaya says randhir was crying. I know the way he is doing is wrong. These recordings he might have made lately but his feelings are not fake. Aryan says shut up. Stop troubling sanyu. Sanaya says I won’t let you go please listen to me. Please don’t do this to randhir. Aryan says enough is enough you and randhir get out of her life. I don’t want any trouble in her life. Stay away. He leaves.

Randhir comes in Nirman’s office. He says I want to talk to you. Randhir says sure sir. Nirman says have a seat. You should have a glance on these documents. Its rnadhir’s recordings. Nirman says can you tell me what this is? Do you still love her? and if its not what is it for? You have just one option admit that you love sanyu. If you try to trick me you are out of here. Randhir says I hate sanyu. Nirman says you think she doesn’t deserve this? Her being in team is problematic? Randhir says yes. Nirmans says you have a chance to kick her out. Her Ms is fake you just have to release it and kick her out. I need an answer whether you would do it or not. Anything else? Randhir says no and leaves.
Aryan has heard all this.

SAnaya says to randhir sanyu will commit to aryan when she gets to know. Randhir says let her do what she wants. SAnaya says what you want? Randhir says nothing is wrong with me. SAnaya says you can’t give up. He will tell sanyu. randhir says let sanyu what she wants. SAnaya says you can’t give up. Randhir says I have lost everything. I have lost from aryan. Sanaya says I know the truth that you love sanyu. that was all true. I know when you and when you don’t. All the emotions in them were real. Randhir says don’t follow me I am going. I will kick sanyu out and you will all know that I don’t love her. Sanaya wonders what nirman has said.

Precap-Randhir comes to lab. Sanyu says in heart randhir.. Randhir says in heart sanyu.. She says why are you ignoring me.. randhir says in heart wish I could tell you how muh I love you. But the condition nirman gave me..

Written Update by Atiba

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