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Sadda Haq 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Someone walks in the security room and closes the camera. He does something with laptop and files. The hoodie gets stuck. She takes it off. Its a girl. She says you are smart Nirman I will take wgat I want.
Sanyu is in the room. She helps the guy whose foot is burnt. Sanyu and Aryan help him out and go out themseleves too.

Next morning, Sanyu says still can’t believe what happened last night I hope he is fine. Aryan says it was a test to check your mental stability. The people out of dorm have passed. Who couldn’t are failed. Some of you are here by fluke. Sanyu says excuse me sir, the student who was injured how is he? Aryan says he is fine. Even he is convinced that even is space you will be there to save him. Imagine if you are in space. what will you do if your shuttle doesn’t start? Help others and embarrass India? There is so place for emotions here. A guy laughs a bit. Aryan says is this funny? Imagine the person you are leaving is pilot of space shuttle.
Sanyu says ti aryan I am going to hospital to see that guy.
Nirman’s secretary calls the missing girl.
A girl is dancing. She picks the call and says I am not well. Anything can happen. I will come as soon as possible. She hangs up. She says I am not going anywhere.

Nurse says to sanyu you can’t meet that guy. Aryan says he must have gone home. Sanyu says this place is weird. Hope he is fine. sanyu says you would be fine. Aryan says in heart I can’t tell her the truth yet.
Aryan wakes sanyu up at night. He says there is something for you. SAnyu says what? He takes her out. Sanyu says what happened? He gives her papers and says answers for tomorrow’s test. She says I wanna do this on my own. I want to prove myself. I believe in myslef. Aryan says okay as you wish. He says I have to do something for you. Sanyu says as you wish. I have to cheat.
Sanyu gets a call from agarwal. She asks how are you papa? He says I am fine. He asks how are you sanyu says I am fine. I miss you. He says focus on your mission. And tell ankit if you need something.

That girl comes to Nirman’s room. She says your cabin doors can’t be closed for me. We are not in college or together anymore. But I have some right on you. She extends hand. He says what are you doing here? SHe says you know it very well. We used to spend so much time together. When I got to know you are leading this I had to come to you. She comes close to him. He turns her back and says you are here for what? to fulfill your wishes? she says you understand me so well. He says I have wasted my past with you. Get out of my office. she says you I know you were behind the last failed mission of ISRC. and I will find out the truth. She leaves.

Everyone is taking the test. Aryan sees sanyu worried. sanyu says in heart there must be some way to solve it. She recalls the tubewell she made. Sanyu says in heart the most pressed keys must be more oily.
sanyu traces the keys. Aryan says in heart smart girl. sanyu enters the key. She and aryan go out.

Becky calls sanaya. SHe says where are you? You have to come today. sanaya says I have RI today and CT scan. I dont know what will happen. I am really scared. I will call you later. She hangs up. There is a guy in her room. she says high sheikhu.

Precap-Aryan says you had 10 minutes for practice and 5 minutes for real test. sanyu is in the spaceship. She is coughing. randhir enters ISRC. sanyu faints in the machine.

Written Update By Atiba


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