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Sadda Haq 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Sanyu is tensed she plays darts. She says if someone had given this idea he would have listened. But since it was mine he didn’t listen. I have to give him my plan. Sanyu says I need data of all teams. Aryan will give me but randhir he wont. Sanyu order black coffee. Randhir gives her with a cup written ‘dont panic’/ He says who will save the world if something happens to you?
Menka says to officer, do you remember when we met in Kashmir? Nirman comes. She says him hello and says I should leave now. Nirman says I have some info sir, please do come in conference room. Menka texts Nirman I am meeting with him in cafe for coffee.

SAnyu says I can’t do anything without randhir and sanaya’s data. Sanyu says I am sure there is a solution. Aryan says eat something first. He says I trust you. SHe says but I have to prove Nirman. Aryan says he will never trust you. He doesn’t like you. Sanyu says I can’t take it that he doubts me. Aryan says what about people living in those villages? If nirman’s plan fails lands will be destroyed. If yours fail, people will die, SAnyu say what if it doesn’t fail. He says possible but safety comes first. At least they will stay alive. sanyu says what will they do with a life like that? With no home? No lands. SAnyu says you can’t mistake. sanyu says I will guilty that I could do something for them. I have decided what I will do. Tell me if your are with me or not. Nirman announces them to report to lab.

Nirman says to sanyu where is your alternate plan? She says I.. He says get out. He says we will deviate it to villages. These 5 villages will be completely destroyed. The diameter i 5k meter. Aryan texts sanyu I have sent you my research.
Officers orders the villages to be evacuated. Nirman says there is no room for error. He asks randhir and kritika to ready the pieces, he asks sanaya and arjun to work on clusters while joy and aryan to work on software.
Sanyu is working. sanaya comes in. Sanyu says can we keep personal stuff aside. I need you help. I need your team’s data. Sanaya doesn’t respond. sanyu says I am talking to you because randhir wont understand. Randhir grasps her hand and says stop manipulating her. I am the lead and I wont let you betray the team, come what may. Sanyu says this is not FITE. We save their lands too. Come what may. She leaves.

At night, sanyu adn aryan drink coffee. She says they don’t understand things. I shouldn’t have asked. She hears news people are panicking after the news. Aryan says we are helpless sometimes. You feel for them but life finds a way. Sanyu says one of those villages is mine too. This is unfair. Aryan says so is life. Did you tell your dad?

Agarwal gets a call from his relative. He says your daughters will work in my factory in village. they will all work like sanyu. The man says nothing can happen here. Agarwal says why? We have boought the land too. He tells him about the asteroid.
Aryan tries to get randhir’s file. Sanyu comes in randhir’s room and looks for manual file.
Aryan calls sanyu and tells her something. sanyu collides with randhir. Aryan says sanyu can you hear me? I have to talk to you about randhir.. sanyu cuts the call. Randhir leaves.
Agarwal calls sanyu. Sanyu says I have been trying to call you. Aryan comes. SAnyu says papa? She says the parcel you sent me, I can’t keep some of it. Can you take it if you have time? Agarwal says yes I will. He hangs up. Aryan says you can place them in my room. Was he upset? sanyu says he will never express. Sanyu says i think he will feel better when he is coming I feel like losing confidence. He says I trust you.
He says you will find something. We were looking on wrong place for the file. Leave it upto me.

Precap-Agarrwal says to sanyu this asteroid. I know you and team must be working on something. But can’t we save these villages? Randhir is in corridor. Sanyu sees him. He moves towards agarwal. sanyu says in heart randhir please don’t.

Written Update by Atiba

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