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Sadda Haq 19th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Ranawat says I want a report of what you have been doing for past month. Sanyu says we will find a sponsor.
Parth calls a sponsor and tries to convince them but fails. Rest of them try to contact other people as well. they don’t get anything. Randhir says we will sort something out. I will bring sponsor. Randhir says I will do something. Sanyu holds his hand and says I am sure you will do this.

sanyu sees ehr fuel in lab. She says if i crack it and sell patent to some company they can sponsor us. Randhir comes in and says why are you doing a this? sayu says don’t want to leave it incomplete. Sanyu says let me stablize it. He says i want to spend time with you. sanyu says i think you should accept their offer. Randhir says I will bring sponsor. Show where is the bruise. SAnyu says you are so shameless. What are you doing? Ranawat comes in and says this is what happens in labs. sanyu says i was workin. randhir says she started fighting with me. ranawat says respect this lab at least. What is this? Is this a personal lab?

Sanyu comes to room and sees vid throwing stuff. Sanyu says what are you doing? Why are you so mad? Vid says don’t try to be nice. what will you do? help me? sanyu says sit and tell em what happened? She says I never got a job and the one i had they fired me. You took parth away from me. I don’t have a love life, a job. To hell with you. She leaves.

Sanyu suggests to parth she definitely requires you. She thinks which i obtained you a different gf. You should tell her the truth. She needs you. Parth claims she doesn’t need everyone. She treats me similar to a toy. I am a human being.
Crew arrives and sees ranawwat Doing the job from the lab. Randhir suggests we’ll do that. ranawat says i want to know what were you doing? You passed tests with cheating. They’re dazed. He claims I have 4 eyes on my back. I want to be pleased with the team I mentor. This staff must buck up. This is simply not your cup of tea you see.

Vid is sitting depressed in her place. She chats with ankit. He asks whats bothering? She suggests every little thing is worse when your sister in associated. she is a agony. Ankit states lol welcome to the club.
Parth involves vid he says you are entitled to this. You will Reside alone often. You have got constantly been wrong. Vid goes to her area and cries. She breaks down in tears. She picks her cellular phone and phone calls someone.
Randhir phone calls sponsors and tries to convince them. but then don’t pay attention. Randhir sits in despair. sanyu claims don’t get worried. Everything will probably be good. I’m sure we will get sponsor. Randhir says i will even bow down to uncover team sponsor. sanyu suggests you wont do anything at Value within your self regard. She hugs him.

Precap-Sanyuu comes to randhir. she says you wont do this. he says the team is suffering. sanyu says i can help you in calling as well. Randhir says i will do this. You wont interfere. You are my responsibilty and i can take care of you.

Written Update By Atiba


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