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Sadda Haq 19th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kritika starts her task. She manages it well and damage is 20%. Then sumit comes. Damage is 13%. Sumit says I thought it would blast. Sanaya comes, the craft starts blinking. Arjun says elimination is fixed. We are all safe now. The damage is 25%. Randhir goes. The damage is 5%. Randhir says to sanyu go damage the aircraft. Sanyu says your ego would be damaged.
Sanyu is doing it well. Suddenly the craft starts blinking. Its malfunctioned. She lands it. Damage is 55%. Randhir smiles. Sanyu says there is some problem in simulator. Please check it ma’am. Nirman says you wont get a chance in space. You are eliminated. This is not your thing. Depends on arjun. Arjun is next. Arjun says i think there is some problem with simulator. She is right.
Arjun sits in craft and says nothing is responding. The craft breaks down completely.
Arjun says there was some problem in simulator. Nirman says you will listen to my commands. Mr. Arjun Khanna is eliminated. Thank you everyone. Arjun says this was not my fault. Randhir texts sayu got lucky this time.

Sanyu says I am dead sure randhir did this. Randhir is doing something on another machine. Aryan says focus on your next task. I will handle the rest.
Joy and sumit make fun of each other. Sumit says I was so scared. Arjun comes and sees them.
Arjun goes to becky and says where is nirman? he stops nirman. nirman says you will say it was malfunctioned. This is what happens when you get surprises. And becky is my secretary but she secretly helped you out. You sign new interns with this pen right? What if you have to sign your resignation with the same pen?
Aryan fixes the machine. Randhir says thinking how she failed? Must be depressed. Sanyu will be out this center soon. Everything will be fine. She will be crying and you will be consoling her. Aryan says you know sanyu is sensitive. She was feeling low. She kept sitting at a place. She held my hand. I tried talking her to her. she rested her head on my shoulder. So what could I do? i console her. She was crying. I think you are right. I am good at it. Randhir is silent.

Scene 2
Sanyu brings randhir in cafe. She gives him coffee. She talks he laughs. He comes close. Sanyu shoves him, he runs after her. sanyu goes to aryan and hugs him. Randhir wakes up from his sleep. It was his dream. Randhir says my dream is over your nightmare will start now.
sanyu recalls what randhir said. She is trying to study.
Agarwal calls sanyyu. He asks sanyu your tests were starting? Have they? sanyu says yes they have. Today’s went well. I took care of it. he asks are you okay?sanyu says don’t worry. He says yes you can cope with troubles. And focus on your studies. She says I know you have so many expectations from me. I wont’ disappoint you this time.

Precap-Randhir says to nirman I wanted to talk to you. I made complete plan to eliminate sanyu but last moment you eliminated arjun. Nirman says i don’t need to consult you for my decisions. he gives him a tablet. Randhir says for whom? Nirman says tablets don’t know who they are for but the one giving them knows. Nirman explains next task that their heart rates will be tested.

Written Update by Atiba

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