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Sadda Haq 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Sanyu says I have to be strong and do it on my own. The warden comes and says your room has been allotted. Sanyu says has nirman changed his decision? Warden says this is only for security purposes.
Becky serves Nirman coffee. He says I didn’t ask for it. She says you are so stressed out. You need to take a break. Eat these muffins too. Please eat it. You need nourishment. He eats it. A man comes in with Aryan. He says Nirman, Aryan says yes I know him. Thank you so much.
Aryan says I have your attention. Aryan says its easy to say you made this device. I am stake holder of company investing in ISRC. I will actively be involved with your team. I am back permanently and not as your employ. Nirman says I am sure if you will be all right if we kick you out of our membership. It will be too much to handle for a minorty stakeholder. He says becky give him a form. We can terminate your form whenever we want. Your wish is fulfilled. You can stay here 24/7. This is my mission I am the only boss and stakeholder here.

Randhir is sitting outside. He shouts mom. Sanaya says I have been calling thrice. I think I know where he is. Sanaya comes out. Randhir says please go from here. You know I can’t.. She says sleep. I know. Rest for a little time. The song ‘dooriyan’ plays in background. He rests his head in her lap.

Next morning, everyone gathers in the lab. He says this is mass nova. This is not an ordinary vehicle. I want you all to use your intelligence in right direction. I want to see a working design in 24 hours. Aryan comes in. SAnyu is dazed to see him. Nirman says come on in. Aryan shakes hand with randhir. He meets everyone.

Sanyu says to aryan I am in intern here. Thank God you didn’t say anything to Nirman. He says in heart I didn’t even want to talk to her. Sanyu says you said I trust you, now what happened? And what is this special consultant. He says I trust you but.. I was missing you. And now I am here. He says tell me what have you thought? Sanyu says I am planning to involve in everything. I want to be prepared for everything. Listen now you are here, you have to promise me one thing. Whatever nirman says you wont say anything. He says I can’t I am sorry. I can bear. I don’t want my dream to be shattered. He will throw us out. Promise me.

sanyu helps arjun with his task. He says better stay out of it. And one black coffee for me. sanyu says to sanaya don’t worry I will take care of it. Sanaya says I feel like I am already in mars. You are randhir’s college friend? How was he in college. Did he have an affair?

Precap-Nirman says show me presentation in 30 seconds. Sanyu says sorry to interrupt this design is faulty. I have an alternate for it. He tears her chart and says I don’t care about your. Randhir says this design is flawed. Sanaya says that means sanyu was right.

Written Update By Atiba


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