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Sadda Haq 18th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanyu comes back to ISRC, randhir scares her and says first time you look scared instead of desperate to win. Where you bring this selfishness from? You used to manipulate me for your stuff. But everything has a threshold. You played so many mind games with old randhir that he died. And this new randhir can kill anyone for his motive but I am better than you like always and I will prove it. Even if I have to do anything to you for that. He leaves.

Everyone is throwing sanyu’s stuff outside. Sanyu says what you peopled doing? Who asked you to do this? Randhir I did. I will become lead astronaut. I was hoping a competition but you disappointed me like your parents and teammates. They supported you and cried. We don’t need failures here. He shoves her, sanyu says I wont go. She wakes up. It was her dream.

Randhir is working in lab. Sumit says I am going to get coffee. Sanyu knocks Aryan’s door he doesn’t open. Sanyu comes to lab.She says where is he?
Sanyu sees a circuit she completes it and leaves.
Everyone comes back after coffee. Randhir says who touched my circuit it was incomplete when I left it? Kiritka says someone must have come here. Randhir says but how that person knows my coding arrangement. He says in heart sanyyu? You don’t know whats gonna happen top you now.

Arjun takes becky to a side and asks what is gonna happen in lead astronaut test. She says i know but I won’t tell because I am not retiring. He says once I become lead astronaut you don’t have to do a job. She says you think i will depend on you?I am not cindrella and you are not a prince. Better luck next time.
Nirman announces 23 seconds to report.Randhir says the game has just began.
Becky stops arjun and says you are not prince but not that bad. Space simulation is your first task. Good luck. She leaves.
Sanyu asks sumit if he has seen aryan. He says no.
Randhir and Nirman come. Nirman says this remote is of missile you made. couldn’t find it when we launched. Now press it. sanyu presses the button a missile is shown blasting.Everyone is dazed. Nirman says its gonna get more interesting. How would you feel when you will be in this aircraft. To save your life better start how to fly. Joy says none of us can fly a jet except arjun. Nirman says neither do you have to. You have to put a simulator in aircraft.

Randhir says ready to crash sanyu? Sanyu texts aryan where are you?He comes and says got the message already. Sanyu hugs him and says where were you? I looked everywhere. And why are you not participating? He says I have nothing to do there. Sanyu says why you came here then? He says in heart I think you know why I came here? Here there is another one when sanyu win, I will win competition of cheering her name.

Becky stops randhir and says No one is allowed in nirman’s room. Randhir says i am not like others to him. I have been trying to contact him.
its urgent. Randhir comes to nirman’s room and says please send sanyu in last. Nirman says are you done?He leaves.
Mrs. Subri explains the task to team. nirman says rest of instructions are in this manual. You will have 5 minutes and whoever damages it will be eliminated.
Joy first.. Oh wait.. sanyu any special request what post do you wanna go on? Well you can’t do it on any post. Arjun will be last one to go. Randhir is dazed. Joy starts the task. 20% of it is damaged.
Randhir says in heart nirman can’t do this. I have to do it anyhow.

Precap-Sanyu is doing the task well. Suddenly everything goes off. Sanyu tries to control. Randhir smirks.

Written Update by Atiba

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