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Sadda Haq 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Randhir says go it guys. Sanaya says I knew you would find. Kritika says we have to crack the lock and we have 9 minutes. She says its computerzied. Sanyu says lets be clam. Joy says I can’t do this anymore. Sanyu says its team task. Joy says please hurry up.
Aryan comes to a house and asks where is sher khan? THe guys says this is my house, he doesn’t live here. Aryan breaks in. The guy says get out. Others come too. Aryan tells them their names. He says you live here for four months without rent.

Arjun says only 7 minutes are left. He hits the lock, it ticks 4. Kritika says you are so stupid. Arjun says mind your language. Wanna see what can I do? Randhir says i wanna see. arjun says are you her guard? Sanaya says guys time is slipping out.

The guys start hitting Aryan. Aryan hits them and says Shweta, your college mate, you kidnapped and her did what you know. Then you uploaded the video. I hacked all videos from your computer. I know there is another girl in the room. This is all sending on my phone. Police and media will have them. don’t even try killing me.
Joy is fainting. sanyu calms him down. She sees a board. Randhir and sanyu pick it together. Randhir says we have to connect this mother board. Randhir says lets connect it with bluetooth. Sanaya says we can’t enter random password. Randhir says the password’s clue must be near. Sanyu says i wish aryan was here. Kritika says we found it. Its mars. Sanaya says it has to be a number. She says every alphabet represents a digit. They enter it. sanyu says circuit is not complete. They work on the circuit. sanyu brings in graphite.

Nirman comes in and says I am disappointed. Arjun says we did it. He says so late. I give 15 minutes. They all eat.
Aryan says you should get reward. 3.. 2.. 1.. Police comes in. He says you will be on media soon.

Next morning, Sanaya says now is the time to party. They all come to lab. Nirman says sanyu you have to stay outside. you are in intern. He says this mission will change everything. This is above everything. People gave in everything to make it there.
We can be first people to create history. This mission can even kill you. This is to remind you that nothing is more important than mission. Are you ready to sacrifice? Are you ready to leave everything? They say yes sir.
Nirman shows them plan.
He says randhir you will take care of plan. Coding, Kritika. We need sanaya as botanist. Joy says me? He says you will design the logo. The world will see it.
Nirman says to sanyu you can face the wall. SAnaya says he is so rude.

Precap-Aryan comes to Nirman. A man introduces him. Aryan says I am stake holder in company that sponsors you. Nirman says I am the only stake holder. He introduces aryan to the team.

Written Update By Atiba


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