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Sadda Haq 17th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Everyone is enjoying the party. Sanyu says to randhir i dont think you should drink. We have to be alert. A guy says you drink with her permission. Randhir drinks anyway.
A man says to yoyo would you like a drink? Yoyo says no. The guy says no lets drink.
Sanyu talks to a man as well. Randhir says the inventions you are talking about is used already. The car would break down with your ideas. It is always advised to have a strong person on steering.

Parth comes and says to sanyu this was so much mess. I had to come and sit in some calm place. we worked so hard for this day. This is strange. sanyu says I waited for this all of my life but I am not as happy as I thought I would be.
Guys make fun of sanyu. They say despite you being in the team and she is the captain. You work under a woman.

Parth says when we get it we dont even feel anything. sanyu says i dont know where evreyone would be after this. Sanyu gets a text from ranawat. He asks her to wind up. Sanyu says let me inform everyone. The guy says you should have been the captain. Another says captain should be like this. Sanyu overhears all this. Randhir says its not in my hands. I hope she makes the right deicison.
Sanyu says to randhir keep laughing. He says you never take a stand for me. I wont take it either for you. Sanyu leaves.

Next morning, sanyu wakes up and sees that randhir is nowhere. She asks everyone to look for him. No one can find randhir.
sanyu says i can’t believe it. bring randhir’s laptop, notes and everything. sanyu says collect everything. she goes out. Sanyu is working on the car.

The teams gather in the ground. The competition is about to start. Organizer says there will be no elimination in this round. All of them take their positions.
Team pakistan explains their car. Then other team explains theirs. Its FITE’s turn.

Teams explain their cars. sanyi says its a smar racing car. She explains everything. Other guys laugh at her.

Written Update By Atiba


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