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Sadda Haq 16th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanyu says we have to record everything. He has to be nervous not us. Randhir says i know you will do it perfect.
Parth and vid go in to meet akash. Parth says we came because we don’t want any complications later. Akash says would you like something? Parth says no thanks. We would like to see files. He asks their names and notes them down. Parth takes the files from his secretary. Akash stops him and says jjust give me few minutes.

He searches for their name. Akash tells his secretary they came to ask my background, i will test theirs. I should know who they are. He says these are wrong people. There is no connection.
Akash comes back to office. Parth says can we see the files. Akash gives them some files. Parth says there are irregular cash flows. Akash says this is okay look carefully. Vid says we know what to do. We have been working with Mrs. saniyal for long. Akash says how long have you worked with her? Vid says 4 years and parth says 5 years. Parth says she joined a year later. Akash says why are you sweating. Tell me how many frauds have you caught in all these years. Vid says we recognize very easily. Akash says who have you inspected. Parth says we are not here to answer your questions. Vid says you have answer us.

Vid says where are last transactions cost? He says i forgot to enter them. Randhir says I am going in to cover it up. I will say that I am rehan, renuka’s son. You change rehan’s picture with mine. Akash laughs. Akash says you are caught kids. Sanyu has sent you. Parth says what are you talking about? Akash says now please act in jail. Tell sanyu no one can stop agarwal industry from being sold. Randhir comes in and says i am rehan. renuka’s son. Check it out. Akash says why I feel like i have seen you? Randhir says i am in news all the time. Randhir says vid and parth what you both been doing? Mom has been waiting for you. Akash checks online. Akash says are they your employees? Randhir says yes. Akash says they look kids. Randhir says you look a fraud. Randhir says we know you are a fraud. I know all people you have sent fake companies. I dont like my mom and neither am I interested in buying your company. I am only interested in the money. You would bribe them both too. Akash says how much? randhir says that much you earned from 60 crore from the scam. Akash says what scam? i have nothing to do with that. randhir says okay then i am leaving. Akash says okay stop and he agrees.Randhir says lets start the transfer. he tells akash his account number. Akash says that account belongs to Kishor agarwal.
Randhir takes off his shades. Akash says you are sanyu’s friend. Randhir says but i am renuka’s son as well. Sanyu comes in. Akash says pardon me sanyu. Sanyu says what you thought? I will your fraud and wont do anything. She hits him with a rod. Sanyu says i wont leave you. You will have to pay for it. Akash says i am like your brother. sanyu says you can’t be. You have hurt my family. I want to kill you right now but i will prove it in court and you will be in jail forever.

Scene 2
They are all in canteen. Randhir says to sanyu court will open tomorrow and case will be solved. He gives her the drive. Ankit is looking in. Yoyo says sanyu if i had gone to jail would you bring us food there? sanyu says i wont let you go there. And thanks for what you guys did. Parth says i asked vid to be quite. Vid says I did all i could. sanyu says yes she tried. Yoyo says i was confused is she on our side or theirs.

Renuka meets randhir. She asks where is sanyu? Randhir says why? She says i have to talk. He says i have right to know. She says my website is hacked and some info is leaked. That computer belongs to sanyu. And the call was from sanyu’s number as well. I could tell cops but I wanna ask her why she did this. Randhir says sit here i will tell you everything.

Vid suggests They’re so ungrateful. I did a great deal of. ankit phone calls vid. She claims why Have you ever known as? Ankit claims did you have a combat? Vid says i have no good friends. they make exciting of me. I did so much. Ankit states i told you she’s like that. Vid suggests you happen to be appropriate she is so necessarily mean. Ankit suggests go and inform her how you are feeling. Vid suggests how?
Randhir says to renuka we didn’t have an option. We would have liked to do this. Renuka suggests that night time you named me for this? I thought my son is lacking me. For sanyu’s help you didn’t care about my standing. Randhir states everything is below Command. I love sanyu i can perform nearly anything for her. Renuka suggests you can each damage me? randhir says you have no correct guilty me. She suggests you could be jailed far too? Randhir says i dont care. Renuka states if my people have investigated both you and your gf would’ve been in jail. Randhir claims don’t warn me do what you wish. She suggests you’ll be able to’t see anything at all before that girl? Randhir states yes.

Precap-Sanyu says to ankit my pen driver is lost. Ankit states you had it. Sanyu suggests where by is laptop computer? He suggests upstairs. Sanyu says there won’t be any evidence. Ankit is available in with pen generate. He states i will go to court so you sit in this article. He locks her and states i will get papa from jail.

Written Update By Sahir


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