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Sadda Haq 15th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Parth says you sure this will work? sanyu says we have no other option. Vid says who will do this? Sanyu says akash recognizes me and ankit. Sanyu says any of you 3 has to do this. Vid says i can’t do this. Parth says I can go. Yoyo says yes we are both going. Sanyu says okay then you two will go.

Randhir gives sanyu coffee and asks what are you planning? sanyu says i need your help. We need to hack renuka saniyal’s website and phone. If you are okay with it. Randhir says but why? sanyu says we have to make him believe that no other company is interested in buying agarwal automobiles. we will then send parth and vid there. they will talk about that scam. Akash will try to bribe them but they will record everything. Randhir says good. Sanyuu says for that we need your mom’s voice sample. You have to talk to your mom for 3 minutes. randhir brings the laptop and calls renuka. Renuka says i am dazed you called me. He says can’t i call you? Renuka says how are you? randhir says i am fine. Just wanted to talk to you. she says you called me almost a year ago. thank you so much. You made my day. Should i come to meet you? He says i am busy. Renuka asks how is study and competition going? Randhir says i will talk to you later i am busy. He hangs up. Sanyu says thank you.

Sanyu comes downstairs. She asks parth nervous? Parth says yes. She says this is my plan of we get caught you will blame me. I will handle it. Randhir says are you out of your mind. Sanyu says you people are doing this for me. I can’t risk you guys. Parth says okay promise. Sanyu says now that akash will know what is the consequence of messing with my family. Sanyu says i will meet him in a coffee shop.

Scene 2
Sanyu goes to coffee shop. Randhir and everyone else is in the car. sanyu spills something on akash’s shirt. He says what the.. Sanyu inserts a drive in his laptop. Sanyu says you can’t mess with us. He says I told you i will destroy you and your dad. Your game is over. Sanyu says i wont let your plans be successful. You can’t take it from him. He says btw there are so many buyers that are interested in dealing with me. Sanyu takes out the drive. He says that company was never yours. Get lost I don’t talk to losers. Sanyu says maybe you are right. I shouldn’t have gone against you. He says its too late. Sanyu says i should have broken your face instead. She throws water on his face and leaves.

Sanyu says you can do it sanyu. You are the buyer tell him you are not gonna buy the company. Parth says he will panic. Vid says we have to convince him that his stock rates are lowering down.
Sanyu calls as a buyer and says i am not interested in buying your company. He says why? She says because agarwal automobiles will shut down in a few days. Parth also calls as a buyer and rejects the deal. He says the stock prices will fall and everyone will back out.
Ankit calls as another buyer. Akash says there is nothing wrong. Ankit says we can’t do this deal. Vid calls as another buyer and rejects.

Akash gets a call from sanyu as saniyal. She says i know whats happening to you this way. I think you are new in this field. I know you are trying desparately to save your company and no one wants to buy it. Akash says i dont know why everyone is backing out. Renuka says because they are worried to mess with the shark. I wanna buy your company of my own terms. I will pay 40%. Akash says make it 50%. Sanyu says no. My finance team will come for surveillance to see if you are a fraud or not.

Sanyu calls inspector and says did you get the info. He says yes your brother told us everything. You will get complete police protection.
Randhir comes to sanyu and says slumber wont come from the window. sanyu sayus i will sleep later. He says everything will be fine. SAnyu says I am sorry i imitated my mom. He says i can’t bear one and now i have two. Now go sleep. Sanyu says i am scared. He says its a big day tomorrow. Go sleep. sanyu says no. He says okay lets watch tv your mind will divert. Sanyu rests her head on randhir’s shoulder. Sanyu is in tears. Randhir says nothing will happen. You will be just fine. You are so brave.

Scene 3

Upcoming morning sanyu wakes up. Randhir states you ought to rest, you slept late. You have to be clean these days. Sanyu suggests I’ve to present Absolutely everyone breakfast. He claims i will. I’ll wake you up later. sanyu claims thank you.
Randhir can make breakfast for everyone but he fails. He orders ultimately.
Absolutely everyone receives Prepared. Ankit states to vid parth won’t ever return. Sanyu will get the credit rating, no-one is going to benefit you. sanyu states I’m executing this for my bf. I wanna prove him I’m not that negative.

Sanyu claims to randhir you truly built this? He states yes. sanyu claims who will just take the chance? sanyu eats and claims you built it actually? randhir suggests what i designed is in dustbin. It’s all purchased. All of them giggle. Randhir says do you think you’re all All set? They say Sure.

Precap-Randhir claims fellas don’t be anxious you’ll do it correctly.Parth and vid arrive at fulfill akash. they Look at the information. Parth states transactions will not be mentioned.

Written Update By Sahir


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