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Sadda Haq 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq watch online

Kunwar says I know you are excited about season 2. It is coming from next week. Today is last episode of our show. I had a great time hosting the show.
Lets bring in the team. Harshita says i thought we would be welcomed with a arti. Prince says what have you done. harshita says i am too excited about it. Kunwar says i am tired of telling them that i dont know what will happen. Param says that is how fans are. Ankit says It will be more fun and adventure. Nisha says fruit of patience is more sweet. Ankit says that would be their cup of tea you see. Kunwar says what was it? Ankit says that was our Ranawat sir.

Kunwar says tell me your favorite moment all of you. Harshita says for sanyu most special moment was when she filled the form of FTIE. Her dad torn the form. When she came to room and saw the form taped and signed by her mom. It was the greatest moment. That is where the journey started from. Kunwar says lets see it.
Scene: sanyu asks anju you called me? Anju says there is my medicine in drawer bring it. sanyu opens the drawer and sees the form signed by anju. Sanyu is surprised. She says maa this? Anju says this is what you wanted right? sanyu says but papa. He will never agree. Anju says that is why you left last night. You thought because of your dream I would have a problem. Sanyu says that dreams was bad for everyone. Anju says no dreams are life. go live your dream. sanyu says papa will be mad at you. Anju says I am your mom, i can do this for you.

Param says when I told sanyu that I love and I wanna marry you. Kunwar says let see that moment.
Scene: Renuka says to harsh you are creating drama you drunker. HArsh says randhir is with us because of me. What have you done for us? Our son hates you. Renuka says you kidnapped and wanted to kill sanyu. Harsh says i wasn’t alone. renuka says it was your plan and failed because of you. Randhir comes in. Harsh says randhir wait i think i am drunk. renuka says i can’t do this. Harsh says she is lying. She did all this. she didn’t want sanyu in your life. Randhir says enough. The most important person in my life.. you wanted to kill her? If your ever try contacting me or seen near sanyu i will forget that elders should be respected.
Randhir says to sanyu you know life makes you dance like your gf does. It confuses you. It gives your surprise. A ring comes out of the circuit. Randhir says will you marry me? Everyone is dazed. sanyu says of course i will marry you. And soon, I wont wait a year. Randhir makes her wear the ring.

Kunwar says Yoyo says tell me your moment. Prince says the drug track. Ankit says sometime he acts mental acting. Kunwar says lets see that track.
Scene: Yoyo shaves his head in distress. Parth says to yoyo nothing will happen to you. And what is all this? Yoyo says i was asking for pardon. Parth says this was not your mistake. Yoyo hugs him.

Kunwar says lets sees parth’s moment.
Scene: Parth is dancing shirtless.
Kunwar says now vidusshi.
Scene: Vid dances on ‘kamli’

Kunwar welcomes the fans to the show. He says the next season is coming from next scene. The fan says we expect it to be as interesting. Kunwar says you can ask them for anything. He says you should give each other a farewell. Parma says this should be a welcome back. sanyu dances welcome back. the fans give them gifts. Kunwar says now selfie moment. Param says they are you fans. Kunwar says i am surprised. ankit says guys amar would do anything you ask. They say please dance. Kunwar says sure. Our show is ending. I want you all do dance with me.They all dance on ‘disco deewane’
Kunwar says the show will start from next week. Don’t forget to watch season 2. Good bye. Take care.

The end.

Written Update By Atiba


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