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Sadda Haq 14th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Arjun says we were finalized for test pilot. Anyway, in the expedition between clouds and mountains we were together in a jet. We hated each other but we didn’t know when everything changed in love. I got to know her better. We were team pilots. We never needed verbal communication. We had a connection I never felt before. but eventually. Rnadhir says she chose her career over you? Arjun says its not that easy Randhir. Randhir says if you are not comfortable then its okay.

Becky says it was more like a disaster. I hope no one has love story like that. Before ISRC i worked in Dehli. I fell in love with my boss. He was very good. He really cared for me. I thought it was all my mistake. You don’t know how I got here. My family is very poor. So I had to go to Dehli and met him there.

Sanaya says the same that happens with every 16 years old. The girl realizes he never loved her but its too loved. He wanted to be physical. I wasn’t comfortable so we used to fight a lot. I got so frustrated because of that. After a few days I saw my pictures in his phone. He recorded everything.
Becky says he was a secret and didn’t want anyone to know. He didn’t want anyone to know about me. People kept talking about it and I thought he would take a stand for me but he never did that. Kritika says how did you end? Becky says he kept getting what he wanted. I was just his guilty time pass. He was married and had a daughter too. Kritika says what..

Sumit says I was her student mentor and fell in love with her. Joy says then what? He says we used to sit together, study together, she used to come to my place. she never said she loved me. She kissed on birthday too. Joy laughs and says this is your story? Sumit says whats so funny? Sumit says she never contacted me after she got admission in engineering. She just used me.

Sanaya says when I confronted him about that video he said this is just for our use. And you if you don’t trust me then this is useless. He broke up with me. i didn’t go to school for a day. When I went there back he was with another girl. sanyu says you don’t deserve someone like that. Sanaya says I don’t think I can ever love someone. It scares me. Our first love defines love for us. i feel very unlucky. You’re really lucky. Rnadhir really loves you. Don’t let him go.

Becky says i couldn’t leave him. I had fallen for him. He used to promise me he would leave his wife. I was so stupid. I fell for it all. Kritika says becky don’t cry it will all be okay.
Joy says she just used you. She was never your gf. Sumit says she was shy to say I love you. Joy says she fooled you. Sumit says don’t tell anyone. Joy says I can.. Sumit says or I will tell kritika about your changes. Joy says I am sorry. She didn’t do good with you. Sumit says she is married.
Sanaya says I am sorry I bored. Sanyu says I have never felt so alive.
Arjun says i killed her… She was a spy. I caught her stealing jet designs. I wanted to give her another chance. I thought our love was real. Those connections and bonds but no.. Arjun stands up. Arjun says Randhir thanks bro and leaves.
Sanyu says now we will find a smart guy for sanaya. Sanaya says rich too. Sanyu says yes. Sanyu says I am glad we are friends.
Kritika says how you left him? Becky says I never did. He got transfered to usa. He had a new office there. I went to cabin and it was all gone. Everything was over. I was so worthless that i didn’t even deserve a good bye? I can’t live with a guy now who can’t commit. I can’t tolerate that pain again. Kritika says you have a good friend now at least. Becky says you are right.

Sanyu comes out in garden, Randhir is sitting there. Sanyu sits on the bench. Randhir says not sleepy? sanyyu says no feeling weird. Lonely when i have everything. Rnadhir says have you heard someone’s love stroy too? Sanyu says yes sanaya’s. Rnadhir says I listened to Arjun. They both say why true love hurts so much. SAnyu says maybe because the more it can empower the more it can weaken you. Rnadhir says I wish it was not that complicated.Sanyu says everyone can’t understand stand that. Rnahdir stands up. sanyu holds his hand. Randhir sits again. Randhir says i don’t know what your decision will be but I will always be there for you. Sanyu places her head on his shoulder. SAnyu says college was so good. We wanted to grow up back then. Rnadhir says so muh has changed. We made so many mistakes. Sanyu says can’tr everything be simple again?Rnadhir says it can be if we forgive each other. Sanyu says what have I done? Rnadhir says majority was mine. The more it is easy for us to live together the more difficult. Rnadhir takes out his phone. Sanyu says how rude, He says I am not reading messages. He shows her their college time photos.

Sanyu tells sanaya next morning she was with randhir because she couldn’t sleep. SAnyu says I haven’t said yes. sanyu says last few weeks were troubling. Sanaya says prepare for the party. Sanyu says randhir wants me to wear red. but I don’t have any here. sanaya says oh this is an issue. Sanaya says no this is an issue.

Precap-Sanyu comes to randhir and says relax. She touches his nose and is about to kiss him.

Written Update by Atiba

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