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Sadda Haq 13th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Vid says PKC can I have water to take my medicine? He says yes. PKC says i saw you studying you were studying sincerely. vid drinks and spills the water on his phone. She says I am so sorry. I will open it, it will dry. They all
do the paper.
They say we have to make sure that there should be no other signals. PKC overhears it. He designs a jammer so no one can pass the signals.

In next exam.
Vid sees the her calculator is not working. Parth says switch off you phone please sir. I have migrain problem from celular signals. Teacher says how will you survive in digital world. Parth says please for now sir. The teacher switches the phone off. Vid says still calculators are not working. PKC peeks in and now cheat. Yoyo says what is happening. PKC asks yoyo why are you not writing? He says because I am trying to recalls. PKC asks what happend parth? Pen not working. Parth says its working. PKC goes out.
Sanyu says to PKC and says sir can I go to washroom? She goes out and tries to understand what the problem is. She finds out PKC’s jammer.
Sanyu goes to powerhouse and truns off the main switch.

Randhir says in heart I hope sanyu comes back fine. Light is off everywhere. SAnyu goes in the class. She asks everyone to use calculator again. PKC comes in again. they hide the calculators. PKC goes to powerhouse and calls security. He says did someone come here? Guard says no one came here. Guard says no one can come here.

Parth says in school I dont think that college is ending before long. I will pass up All of this. They look at movies and giggle.
Randhir receives dressed. He phone calls sanyu but she doens’t pick up. He asks All people but nobody has noticed her.
All of them get ready from the canteen with the social gathering. Randhir asks where is sanyyu? Yoyo says i dont know. Randhir suggests why always does this. He hears her coughing. He asks sanyu are you alright? SHe suggests i think gas is burnt. Randhir is available in the lab and asks what took place? She says i think I’ve organized the gasoline. He says feature me on the get together. He picks sanyu up and normally takes her to your social gathering.

Randhir brings sanyu on the party. Yoyo says sanyu is sharper than PKC. Thank you sanyu. All of them cheers for that party. They take pleasure in and dance.

Precap-Sanyu says this is my idea that is not working so I should be blamed for it. randhir says what you mean? SHe says I can not take your credit.

Written Update By Atiba


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