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Sadda Haq 13th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Becky is on call. Arjun comes in. Becky says yes? Arjun says there is a party tomorrow. I want you to come with me. she says i will think about it. He says I am requesting. She says I have plans with my friends but I can’t commit. You know how difficult it is to commit. Arjun says this can be a special date. Becky says date? He says why not. Becky says our relationship was just physical. it will be awkward. arjun says we will go out as normal couple. Hands in hands. Candle light dinner. Becky says no lets do the old times thing. she comes close to him and says I am not in mood.

Kritika wears a dress. SAnyu says you look so good. you are wearing it to the party? Kritika says yes. Sanyu says I am planning to wear red as well. Let me show you. She looks in the closet and says red dress is not here. Sanyu says I left them home. Kritika says is it so important to wear red? Sanyu says no no it would be good. Sanaya has another red dress? Kritiak says I don’t think so. Sanyu says then I will wear something else.
Sanyu is in lab. Randhir is there too. They collide with each other sanyu’s coffee spills on his shirt.Sanyu says I am so sorry. randhir says I have another shirt I will change. SAnyu gets back to work. Randhir takes off his shirt. Sanyu says oh creep.
Randhir comes close to her chair. Sanyu says why is he coming here? SAnyu says randhir.. He says tissue and takes the tissue from table. Randhir smiles and takes out his other shirt. Sanyu walks out. Randhir puts on his shirt.

At night, Sanaya gets up and says sanyu.. Sanyu has earphones. Sanaya plucks them and says I am not sleepy. what are you listening to?sheikho’s voice notes? Sanyu says you are pretty and cute. Did you never have a relationship? Sanaya says there was one it couldn’t be a relationship. Sanyu says do you wanna talk about it? Sanaya says we can’t run away from our feelings. Sanyu says let me bring coffee. We have whole night.
Sumit wakes up and says who is it..Joy says its me. Sumit says why aren’t you sleeping? Joy says I feel lonely without kritika.I want to go to her room and hug her and sleep. Joy says you are lucky you don’t love someone. Sumit says I stay away from this. Joy says you don’t get any? and laughs. Sumit says there were so many girls after me in school. He shows her a video. Sumit says its a tragedy. Joy says tell me.
Kritika comes to lab and looks for earphones. Becky comes there. KRitika says you scared me. Kritika says becky you are crying? Becky says no. Are you sad because you are leaving? Becky says I was so close to finding love, but I guess I was not lucky. Kritika says have you ever loved before? She says yes but long ago.
Randhir sees Arjun out smoking. Randhir says addicted? Drunk? Or stressed? What is it? Arjun says nothing to worry. Randhir says you need to release the feeling. If you share it with someone you will feel better. okay don’t. Arjun says Randhir.. becky. Randhir says why don’t you commit to her? Arjun says i can’t. Randhir says old love story? Arjun says yes.
Arjun says after that day i am not sure or maybe scared. I have been fooled in love one. It all started when..

Sanyu gives Sanaya coffee. SAnaya says he was my classmate in 10th grade. He was very popular. I remember that night. He asked me out on a date and for coffee. At that time I hated coffee but with him for the first time I love coffee. He kissed me on cheek and dropped me home. It meant everything to me. A hot girl dates a simple gir. Everything is so cool and beautiful when a relationship starts. He used to hold my hand. My relationship was like a fairytales. but you know fairytales are not real. Sanyu says thats why they are fairytales. i have always been into machines then randhir came in my life. Well you carry on. Sanaya says I did everything with him that I never did before. I bunked school, late night movies, i don’t know how it made me that daring. Love is magical. Sanyu recalls her moments with Randhir.

Arjun says I used to have so manys gfs. but true love.. she was smart intelligent but egoistic like me. So we used to hate each other for number one position. We used to fight. Randhir says like me and sanyyu. Arjun says two poeple like that can be part of love story. People who hate each other can love each other.
Randhir recalls his fights with Sanyu in FITE. And their relationship moments. When they got married.

Precap-Sanyu comes and sits with randhir. he says not sleeping? Sanyu says I have everything still feeling alone. Randhir says did you hear a love story too? SAnyu says yes sanaya’s. Randhir says I heard Arjun’s. They both say why is love so troubling.

Written Update by Atiba

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