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Sadda Haq 11th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
SAnaya and joy are laughing. Sanaya says why are you laughing? Is it tickling? He says yes yes. They laugh. They have had joints. Joy says you are awesome. Joy starts crying and says my life radio never gets on. Do you love someone? sanaya says my life is all messed. I liked shiekhu I feel like that.But he is weird. I am confused. Its complicated. She says you tell me? He says give me your hand. He says promise you won’t tell anyone. She says stop acting like old woman. He says kritika. Sanaya laughs. She says kritika like arjun. And there is no gravity that apple will fall in your lap go and take it. Randhir knocks at door and says who is there? Joy says he will hit me. Sanaya says no no. Randhir says sanaya I know its you. Randhir says I knew it would be you. And what happened to you joy? he says shiekhu. Randhir says clean it all in 10 minutes. She says then go for 10 minutes. He says shut up. He picks her up and takes her to room. Sanyu comes in, sanaya says hi sanyyu.Randhir says shut up and sleep here. She sleeps. Randhir leaves.

Randhir comes back to his room e receives hand sees video on his laptop of his kissing sanyu/ He says who made this? and sent me? He comes to sanyu and snatches her phone. Sanyu says what are you doing. It was such a good video. He says you like it? Sanyu says it was greatest space destruction. Randhir says you like destruction so much and leaves.
Becky asks nirman why you asked for these cctv footage of isrc? He says wanted to watch movie.
Nirman says in heart I gave you gun randhir. Lets see what you do with it. This will take aryan out of sanyu’s life.

Randhir is in basket ball court. Aryan takes his ball and says immature players miss goals. Randhir says this is my goal. aryan says perhaps no expert ever challeneged you. Ranbdhir says never found someone who could beat me. Aryan says maybe you were searching in wrong place.Randhir says I will always be between you and your target. Aryan takes the ball and scores. Aryan says she couldn’t live with you for more than few days. Randhir says at least she was committed to me.Aryan says I don’t need committment. Randhir says yes when you are confused who can you commit. Your relation is like an old furniture I can break it in one week. Aryan says I don’t need to make place in her life. I will take less than seven days to make her commit.

Kritika says to sanyu there are more important things in life than career. The person i like doesn’t even know. And look at you you have two guys. sanyu says its not funny. Kritika says decide it. Sanyu says please kriitka. She says okay let destiny choose. Whoever comes from that gate first will be your man.
Randhir and aryan are getting ready. Kritika says no one is coming. kritika says someone has come. Its joy. They laugh. sanyu says join us. Randhir and aryan enter together. Kritka coughhs and laughs. Aryan says whats so funny? Joy says sanyu I can’t research on this topic anymore. Sanyu says I have to go. Its important. Rnadhir says to aryan everything is important for her except you.
Sanyu is working with joy.

Sanyu comes back to room and sees star made of lights. She picks up the paper.Sanyu reads you are the brightest and prettiest star. I copied them from internet. I know you must be tired but I might get lucky. Dinner tonight?Sanyu says in heart so tired. Aryan comes in and says you can say no. She says I am a little tired. Aryan says you can ditch work for food. 9pm don’t be late. Randhir is listening through microphone. He placed it on sanyu’s watch.
Randhir says get ready for dinner. Book a table for three.
Nirman says to randhir you look active your leader is doing a good job. Randhir says she is doing this because of her support. I hope it stays in her life because she will lose it if support is not there.nirman says in heart you will kick aryan out of her life.

Precap-Sanyu and aryan are on date. SAnyu says really nice place. but why here? We could go anywhere. He says everything should be special in your life. i know what you faced. Randhir and sanaya come there.

Written Update by Atiba

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