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Sadda Haq 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Aryan is working on computer. He tries to hack and listen to voices.
SAnyu walks past the corridor, she sees randhir and says hi. Randhir says hi in return. Sanyu says Parth was trying to contact you. Randhir says parth.. Where and how is he? Sanyu says he was in coma for 2 years. He recovered last week. I thought I should tell you. He says thanks, can I have his number? Sanyu gives him and leaves.
Sanaya comes in and asks you know her? Randhir says yes. SAnaya says FITE? Randhir says yes. Sanaya says how is she? Randhir says very ambitious, she can’t see anything in front of her dreams. She almost killed my friend to fulfill her dreams.

Sanaya comes to canteen with randhir. She sits with kirtika. Randhir says why do you buy when you don’t eat it? Randhir says nirman wants us all to bond, sanyu sasy you are talking about bonding when you don’t even talk to anyone. Sanyu comes in. Worker says ma’am you have to sit here. Nirman has not allowed you to sit in room. Kritika says I told you she is not in our team. Sanyu leaves.
Sanyu comes out and sits in corridor, Aryan is sitting next to her. He says why didn’t you want me to come? Why did you lie? Sanyu is about to leave, he holds her hand. He says what happened? Sanyu says I don’t like depending on someone. You always help me. Aryan says in heart I will always help you. I am not going out of campus this time. He says what should I do? Leave? Sanyu says yes dont get me wrong but I wanna do this alone. He says okay.
All candidates are asked to report at Space lab.

SAnaya is very happy in the car. She says we will go in space on this. We will be alone and I will tease you. Randhir says there would be no food there. Sanyu comes in. Sanaya says I will hit you and leave. Arjun says there are so many drama queens appointed here. I guyess nirman is making a team. Nirman says only that person will go to mass mission who survives all the pressure form. I want you to sign this declaration. Its a bond. Nirman says sanyu with us as an intern. Sanyu says but.. He says agree or pack up. You will be with the team as intern.

SAnyu comes and meets a guy. He says did you hear the bird chirping. He collides with Arjun. Sanyu says what are you looking for? He says baya the bird, it was her voice. People says if we hear baya’s voice we find a new friend. I have found one. He shakes hand with sanyu and says hi. sanyu says I sanyukta.
Randhir says to sanya you should be serious and focus on your project now.
Arjun is playing darts. the new guy comes and says please teach me how to play it. Arjun bullies him. sanyu says apologize him. Arjun says get the hell out. Sanyu says sumit is my friend. Arjun says two interns. Sanyu says apologize him. Arjun says I wont, do what you want to. SAnyu says you are over groomed school bully. You fly so much in air.

Randhir comes in sanaya’s room and wakes her up. She says I wont. He says we have to go to gym. She says I dont wanna go. She pulls him and says you sleep too. I wont let you go anywhere. Randhir says get off me. SAnyu comes in.

Precap-Sanaya orders burger. Canteen guy says we can’t give you food. Arjun fights with randhir. Randhir hits him too hard. Arjun points a dagger at him. Sanyu says stop randhir.

Written Update By Atiba


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