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Sadda Haq 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Sanaya says sanyu this is randhir and Randhir this is sanyu, my best friend. Guys say hi. They say hi. Sanaya says how boring. We will live here together shake hands at least.
Sanyu and randhir shake hands. Sanyu leaves. Sanaya says what did you ask in wish? you want to stay here with me in ISRC? Right? I am very bored. Randhir says Nirman gave me some work. I have to go through some files. She says doesn’t nirman like you so much? Randhir says maybe I am reliable. Sanaya says don’t you think you are attracting weird things. He says I have done this so many times in life.
Sanyu recalls meeting randhir. She gets text from Parth, he says finally found randhir. He is at ISRC. Sanyu replies i know just met him.

Nirman is drinking. Randhir comes in. He sits with him. Randhir says its good to see people can relax in ISRC too. Do you come here daily or when you are stressed? Curious. Nirman says curiosity kills a cat. Randhir says cheers. Nirman says no one talks like this to me or drinks with me in ISRC. Randihr says then maybe I am the first one. Nirman says you are calculated. Randhir says i take that as a compliment. Nirman says tell me something, something that is really important to you and there is an incompetent person who is affecting it, and you can’t do anything about it. What would you do? Rnahdir says i will make that person’s life a living hell. I will create such situations where that person would beg me for letting go but I won’t. Nirman says in heart you think like me i don’t know whether I should feel happy for you or pity you.

SAnyu comes in dorm. Sanaya says welcome sanyyu. Sanyu says here are only two beds. Sanaya says we just shifted here. we can share the bed. Kiritka says thats great. In case, she doesn’t have oxygen mask in space will you sacrifice yours? I am not here to make roommates. Your name was not allotted for this room. May be you are an unwanted part of the team.
Sanaya says ignore her you can share with me. Sanyu says let me see where the problem is.
Sanyu checks her name in list, there is no bed allotted for her. Guard says this is nirman’s order you have to.

Sanaya comes to randhir’s room and says come out. He says go and sleep in your room. She says come or i will wake your roommates up. Randhir goes out.
Sanyu is in corridor with her luggage. She says is nirman doing this deliberately? What should i do now? Sanyu calls aryan. He says i knew its first day. Settled? Sanyu says yes/ He says i am coming. She says why? He says to get you out of this problem.. sanyu says yes there is a problem. he says I will be there. Sanyu says no no i don’t want you to come here. I have to help myself. And you said that i can manage so don’t worry. I will. He says okay.If you need something let me know.

Sanaya and randhir are out. SHe rests her head on his shoulder. She says this looks so beautiful. He says yeah it feels amazing. She says you appreciate me first time. I think I should always disturb you and bring you here.
Sanaya says randhir someone is asleep there, lets see. This is corridor. Randhir says this is not your problem. Lets go. Sanyu is asleep on the bench. SHe wakes up.
Nirman places a coffee on the bench. He says you can complain in admin maybe they will help you. This coffee is even cold. I know you wonder why I do this. Because I think you dont deserve it. You should be where you deserve to be. SAnyu says I know you think that way, I will make my way here. Nirman leaves.

Next morning, Sanyu wakes up on the bench. Her luggage is not there. She looks for it. She asks receptionist. She says I have no idea. Sanyu comes to sanaya’s room? Sanaya says where you slept last night? Did you find a bed? Sanyu can’t find her bag there as well. She asks joy. He says no. Watchman says he found them in garbage. Sanyu finds them in garbage she takes them out.

Sanyu comes to nirman’s room and says why is this happening to me? Why am I treated like this? This is not fair. Nirman says i want you to leave but you are a special candidate.
sanyu says you are giving everyone a chance. Nirman says they are all best scientists, you are fake. You tried to steal and defame my project. You know what, you are not good enough. The day I feel like you are deserving i will give you a chance.

Precap-Sanaya says to randhir, you ruined my sleep. She sits on randhir. Sanyu comes in.
Later, sanyu says hi to randhir.

Written Update By Atiba


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