The information headlines are full of situations of molestation. Even our telly stars are certainly not spared in the evils from the Modern society. As outlined by reviews, Saath Nibhana Saathiya actress Pratibha Tiwari that is noted for her character of Naiya while in the serial was molested at Kandivali highway.

The incident took place when Pratibha was watching for a colleague in the freeway at around 10pm. The crowded streets did not declare any protection to the actress. In keeping with sources, a drunkard approached the actress and molested her.

The daredevil starlet, however, wasn’t scared and immediately dragged the molester to the closest police station. The expertise bundle lodged an FIR towards The person right away. The actress has also said to the female clan to voice their grievances rather than shy away from creating grievances.

Yet, Pratibha Tiwari was equally stunned with the incident as she narrated it. The actress though discussing on the identical also shared that the majority of women are fearful to lodge FIRs. She included that she is stunned because the incident occurred within the occupied hour of 10pm. In addition,Pratibha was accompanied by her hairdresser far too.

Effectively, we have been happy with Pratibha Tiwari’s brave motion towards the molester.


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