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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Ahem asks Premlatha who helped her. Premlatha says he will not identify her help as he/she is his close relative. Madhuben acts as feeling uneasy. Kokila makes sit on a bench and goes in search of doc. Madhuben smirks that her plan is going as she is wishing.

Dharam gets busy with maha shiv pooja order his servants. Meera comes, sends servants out, and asks why is he doing injustice to her. He asks what she means. She says he brought gift for everyone except her. He says she filed for divorce and asked him to give wife’s rights to Durga, so he is doing as she said. Whole family then sits for pooja. Pandit asks Ahem to call his wife. Gaura taunts that her son is very lucky to have 2 wives. Dharam asks her to stop her taunts and calls Durga. Durga surprisingly asks if he called her. He asks if there is anyone else with name Durga. She comes and sits with him for pooja. Meera thinks why is she feeling jealous.

Kokila brings water and sees Madhuben missing. He starts searching her. Ahem performs maha shiv ratri pooja with family and while performing milk pooja reminisces all the recent events where Madhuben tricks many times and realizes she is the culprit.

Gopi searches for doc everywhere. Pooja milk falls on unconscious and injured Sona and she wakes up. Gopi searches doc in jungle. Sona gets up with great difficulty seeing Gopi and calls her badi saasu maa loudly. Gopi sees her and asks what happened to her and what is she doing here. Sona says she came to save daadi sasuma. Madhuben smears her face red with kumkum and walks towards Kokila holding knife. Ahem tells family that Premlatha was pointing towards Madhuben. Gopi asks Sona who wants to kill Maaji. Sona says her mother, Madhuben. Gopi is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Madhuben stabs Kokila from behind. Kokila turns and is shocked to see Madhuben.

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