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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Gopi falls unconscious after breaking things at Modi bhavan. Doc checks her and asks family not to give he much tension. Premlatha sends whole family out and locks door from inside and laughs loudly on Gopi.

Gaura drags Meera to a suhaagraat room with flowers decorated on bed and says she is Dharam’s second wife and her place is just on his bed. Meera asks Vidya to lock door and burns bed. Gaura gets afraid and shouts for help. Meera warns her that she is will not tolerate her nonsense. Dharam comes and knocks door. Vidya opens door. Gaura hides behind him and says Meera burnt bed. Meera says yes as Gaura thinks her place is just on his bed. She says she came here as she loves him. He asks if she is telling by heart. She says yes and she will go from here as she is not getting the respect she deserves. Gaura asks her mom kicked her out and where will she go now. Meera says her mom sent her back to her sasural and now she will go and live an independent life as she well educated. Dharam stops her and says Gaura that Meera will stay here as a guest and will get respect she deserves and Gaura should not trouble her again. Gaura tells Meera she will trouble her so much that she will repent coming here. Vidya warns her that if her sister is fire, she is air which will aggravate fire and warns her dare not touch her sister.

Hetal and whole family gets concerned for Gopi. Premlatha also shows fake concern. Gopi wakes up. Ahem asks her how is she now and gives her water. She throws water and bites his hand. He shouts in pain. Whole family listens his shout and runs to check and request Gopi to leave Ahem’s hand.

Precap: Gopi pushes Premlatha fromm her room and shouts to leave her alone.

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