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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Ahem gets worried for Meera and tells Gopi that he is worried Meera take a wrong step. She assures him that nothing wrong will happen. He hugs her.

Gaura in her space happily modifications her jewely murmuring Gujrati song. Meera enters and suggests she wants to marry Shravan, so she should really contact off Vidya and Shravan’s engagement. Gaura was states she was just joking to really know what is in her mind. Meera claims she’s going to prove that she’s a egocentric sister.

Dharam sees Shravan consoling crying Vidya and thinks He’s receiving mad in Vidya’s really like.

Gaur asks Meera what will she do if she does not comply with her terms. Meera holds buring lamp on her palm and asks Gaura to agree to her conditions. Gaura panics seenig hearth on lamp and asks he to blow it off. Meera throws lamp on carpet and it catches fireplace. Gaura shouts Dharam, Shravan, Koili. Dharam and Shravan occur jogging and Dharam consoles Gaura whilst Shravan blows off fireplace. Dharam scolds Meera and says if nearly anything would’ve transpired to baa, he wouldn’t have spared her. Kokila asks Gaura if she is okay and asks Meera what is she wanting to confirm. Meera attempts to act, but Kokila shouts at her that she is not her granddaughter from hereon. Meera asks Ahem if He’s on her aspect and holds his hand. Ahem frees his hand and claims He’s with Mother’s final decision. Kokila asks Every person to let Gaura relaxation now and takes them all. Dharam asks Shravan what exactly is he trying to do. Shravan asks even he wishes to request very same. Dharam raises hand, but Gaura stops him.

Meera locks herself into space. Gopi starts off crying and pleads Kokila to contact Meera out and inform she is not by yourself. Kokila says Gopi that on account of her misbehavior toward Gaura, Meera can also be misbhevaing with Gaura and says she’s Fed up with her and Meera. Gopi claims she did blunder and should be punished and not Meera. Kokila says she needs to be grateful that she is not punishing Meera. Ahem backs Kokila and claims Meera’s blunder just isn’t forgivable.

Meera appears to be at her palm wound. Gaura enters and claims she came to apply drugs on her wound instead of salt. She praises for her perseverance. Meera asks Meaning she can get her married to Shravan. Gaura suggests It is far from less than her Handle now as Shravan enjoys Vidya and Vidya snatched her suitable. Meera asks if she arrived to taunt her. Gaura says so Let’s say she are unable to marry Shravan, she has another choice.

Gopi prays god that she can not do injustice to her 1 daughter for an additional daughter and prays to indicate her a method. She sees Vidya crying outside Meera’s home and asks her what took place. Meera suggests she needs to speak to didi. Gopi claims nowadays is her sangeet and she or he must go and rest until then. Vidya agrees and leaves. Gopi then knocks Meera’s door, but she would not open it and jealously thinks that Gopi is concerned about Vidya than her and no-one cares for her. She reminisces Gaura’s text.

Precap: Kokila tells Gopi that Meera cannot attend Vidya’s sangeet at Gaura’s house. Gopi says she will not accept her order.

Written Update By Sahir


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