Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th November 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th November 2016 Written Update

Gopi tells Radhika that Jaggi’s heart is very soft and he cannot see anyone in trouble and gets himself into trouble to help people. Jaggi hears their conversation and thinks Gopi is unique, she praises but hides her feelings for him. Pehla nasha pehla khumar….song…plays in the background. He dances and jumps and thinks Gopi scolds him but praises in front of others. Kokila stops him and says a lot has happened regarding his marriage, now he has to stop all this drama and as he promised Gopi that he will marry the gilr of his choice, he has to keep his promise and marry, this is bestfor everyone. Jaggi asks if Ahem was alive if she would have rejected his choice and got him married to another girl. Kokila reminisces Ahem telling he loves Anita and she ordering he has to marry Gopi. She tells Jaggi that Ahem would have obeyed him and years ago Ahem married Gopi on her order.

Meera gets a call from hospital that Chanda is not there. She panics and tells Dharam if she has fallen down or if something happens to her child. Vidya asks her to calm down and gives water. Doctor comes and tells Chanda had asked her to come and do her check up here. Dharam says she is not here. Meera panics and yells hat she needs her child and shouts at Dharam to bring her child at any cost. Doc says she got a panic attack due to hypertension and gives injection. Meera falls asleep. Dharam takes her to their room. Vidya thinks if Chanda did not go to hospital, then where did she go.

Jaggi and Radhika perform premarriage shanti pooja. Whole Modi family sit with them. Urmila prays god that Jaggi’s happiness is being burnt in this havan and he is just looking silently, he has to do something.

Vidya tells Dharam that Meera is sound alseep now. Dharam says it is good, she needed a peaceful sleep. Vidya asks if they got any info about Chanda. Dharam asks Shravan to get car out, they will go to police station. Vidya asks him to inform her once they find Chanda.

Urmila comes to Jaggi’s room and sees him busy on phone ignoring her. She asks why he does not want to talk to her, why he is so sad, he should stop this marriage and ruin both his and Radhila’s lives. Jaggi says Gopi his happy about this marriage. She asks what about him. He says Gopi, maa, and Kokila are happy about this marriage. She asks what about his happiness. He says people sacrifice their lives in love, why can’t he marry, who knows Gpi may realize her love and by then it woudl have been too late. Urmila with teary eyes prays god to help Jaggi.

Gopi walks from her room into living room seeing someonne around blanket and asks who is there. Whole family gathers and asks what happened. Gopi says she saw some shadow there. Tolu says he will check and goes out. A blanket wearingperson holding rose escapes via window. Tolu closes window and says there was no one. Gopi says she is sure there was someone. Someo is seen holding rose. Kokila says may be she saw window shadow. Pari says let us check and close windows. Radhika is seen holding that rose and smirking. Gopi enters and asks if she did not sleep yet. Radhika says she was about to sleep. Gopi sees rose petals on floor but leaves. Radhika ges rose out and smiles again.

Urmila thinks she has to do something and help Jaggi. She thinks of taking her friend Rashika ben’s help. She calls Rasika ben, but Naina and Raghav (new serial promotion) pick call. Urmmila says she needs to speak to Rasika, but who are they. They say Naina and Raghav. She says they look young, so she needs their help in uniting two lovers. They suggest her to be consistent, they are sure she will meet her goal for sure. Urmila thanks them and disconnects call.

In the morning, Gopi and family are having breakfast. Radhika comes and says she is going to Moti doori temple as her father wants her to pray there before marriage. She wishes Jaggi and leaves. Sona comes and apologies for coming late and says she is late becaue off Urmila. Urmila says she wants to go to Moti doori temple, but Sona took so much time to get ready. Gopi says Radhika just now went to Moti doori temple, they would have gone with her. Radhika’s father calls just then. Gopi says Radhika has gone to Moti doori temple as per his wish. He says he did not tell Radhika to go there. Gopi thinks why Radhika lied.

Precap: Radika is seen in temple in change dress and holding someone’s hand. Gopi sees that hiding and is shocked.

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