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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shravan talking to Dharam. His daughter asks him to search Gaura soon. Dharam says I will go and search her. His daughter asks him to search Gaura in Modi Bhavan once. Dharam says ok, I will go to my sasural, then realizes and says shravan’s sasural. Durga says she will also come. Dharam asks her to stay at home. They leave. Ahem and Gopi get ready for their anniversary. Ahem says sometimes I feel if this is our anniversary or your and mom’s. Gopi laughs. She holds her ears. Ahem turns and asks Gopi where are you. Gopi hugs him romantically. Ahem is about to kiss her. Vidya and Meera laugh silently. Ahem and Gopi gets shy.

Paridhi says everything will be set till Ahem and Gopi returns. Meera and Vidya smiles. Kokila says we will go in one car. Ahem agrees. They leave. Dharam calls Shravan and says he couldn’t find Gaura anyone. Shravan says even I couldn’t get her anywhere. He says I am feeling like she is upto some big conspiracy. Dharam asks him to keep quiet and search Gaura. Shravan says but where. Meera tells Vidya that there was a reason not to let her go. Vidya asks what? Few ladies come there. Meera asks them to start work from kitchen. Meera tells Vidya that she stopped her as she want to show surprise which is for mom and dad. Just then she receives the gift. Vidya says it is good choice. Dharam knocks on the door.

Meera says you are here, at this time. Dharam says Baa went somewhere and left home. I thought she is here. Meera says she came, but I kicked her out. Vidya says she will return home, and asks him not to worry. Dharam says Gaura has left home for forever and named everything on him. He says he has written letter on my name. Meera says it is good, I would have died almost because of her. Dharam gets angry and says even I was about to die almost. Meera says it was an accident and I didn’t hurt you intentionally, but your mom planned to kill me. She says your mom risked your life too, and you are saying that I had almost killed you. She says if you can’t see her sins then you are blind, and puppet, who can dance on her tune. She says it is good that she went. Dharam says she is my Baa. Meera asks him to go and find his baa. She asks Vidya to show the door to her sasur and close the door. She asks him to get out. Vidya tells Dharam that Gaura will not harm herself and asks him to go home. Dharam blesses her, and asks her to call him if Gaura comes there.

Meera says so much had happened and he cares about her. Vidya says she is his mum. Meera asks her not to tell anyone about Dharam coming there and asks her to promise. Vidya promises. They hear the car coming. Gopi asks Ahem not to get upset. Ahem says our marriage anniversary couldn’t be more memorable then this day. She asks her to take care of family members and goes upset. Meera and Vidya ask what happened? Kokila and Hetal comes. Kokila says Ahem is upset. They have been married since 25 years, but fight like a kids. Sona asks them to calm down Ahem, till then they do the arrangements. Someone is keeping eye on them. Meera gives the instructions to Sona and Vidya. Gopi asks Ahem not to get upset. Ahem says we could have gone to have dinner or watch film. Gopi asks him to try and understand and says they are kids. Ahem says even mom and dad go out with an excuse, but you….Gopi says no. Ahem says you got this home contract and everyone call you even if they sneeze. Kokila comes and asks if he is scolding Gopi. She pulls her ears. Gopi says no. Kokila says ok, I will leave him. She says today is the happiest day of your life, and we will celebrate it altogether. Ahem hears a noise and asks who is there.

Ahem lifts Gopi in his arms…..and brings her. Kokila says he want to do something special. They show their journey on the projector. Gopi and Ahem smiles.

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