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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Gopi sees Meera wanting to insert worm in thepla dough and stops her. Meera shouts at her that she was eradicating worm in its place and shouts that she does not have any ideal to confront her. Vidya intervenes and suggests she does not have right to shout at mom. Meera shouts they both equally wait for a possibility to scold her. Kokila comes and says she is aware of her mother nature and is aware she was including worm in dough to produce them all ill. Meera claims she will not want to get ready theplas. Kokila asks Vidya to get ready theplas and asks Meera to clean full residence.

A product sales girl relates to Dhaval’s property to market washing powder. She starts off flirting with him and says she’s going to put together tea and perhaps wash his garments. Kinjal fumes observing that and asks how dare she is to flirt together with her partner who’s having a boy or girl of her age. Woman asks Dhaval if she really is his wife. He suggests this is the blunder of his lifestyle which he cannot accurate. Kinjal shoos Female absent.

Jigar relates to contact Pari for breakfast and suggests entire family members is looking ahead to her. She asks why. He taunts that everybody are usually not egoistic like her. Pari asks if they are so concerned about her, then why didn’t they have faith in her. He need to go and be with Rashi now rather than her. Jigar feels sad.

Gopi will get breakfast for Rashi. She says she may have it while watching cartoon.

Kinjal tries to thread needle to stitch her torn sari. Urmila asks her to come back and clear rice. Kinjal yells that she can purchase cleaned rice. Dhaval arrives and purposefully pushes her and she drops needle in rice bag. He asks her to scrub rice to remove needle. She claims she can get new a person from neighbor. He asks her to get food items at neigbor’s residence itself. Urmila laughs and taunts that she has to clean whole gunny now to obtain needle.

Kokila arrives looking for Rashi and doesn’t uncover her. Rashi will come and states she was performing research in gopi’s room.

Although exploring needle, Kinjal accidentally will get it pierced into her finger and blood commences oozing. Dhaval sees that but isn’t going to react. Kinjal yells that he’s not worried about her in any way.

Vidya prepares thepla and chaas for loved ones and goes out to maintain theplas on eating table. Anyone provides anything in chaas. Vidya serves chaas to All people. Gopi is going to sip it when she sees Jigar coming on your own for breakfast and asks where is Pari. He says she is in space and doesn’t want to come. Gopi says she’s going to persuade her and usually takes Tolu/molu and Jigar along. Kokila asks Vidya to serve chaas to Rashi to start with. Rashi picks glass but drops it on flooring. Kokila asks Meera to scrub glass items. Meera yells that she won’t. Kokila claims she requested her to only thoroughly clean glass pieces and very little else.

Gopi with tolu/molu and Jigar tries to encourage pari to come and also have breakfast, but she doesn’t and shouts.

Precap: Gopi forcefully with the assistance of Tolu/molu feeds chaas to Pari and Pari states a thing is blended in it. Gopi smells phenyl in chaas glass.

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