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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Gopi climbs pipe and gets inside Gaura’s home. She breaks window glass and opens door. She sees Dharam trying to molest Meera and she pleading to leave her. She pushes Dharam on floor shouting how dare he is to molest her daughter and slaps him continuously and then hits him with rod. Inebriated Dharam does not react even with blood oozing from his head.

Gaura enjoys snacks at a market and thinks she is very happy that her plan is working well. She gets servant’s call that Gopi is punishing Dharam. She shouts how dare chatanki is to hit her son, but then thinks let Dharam get punished for leaving his mother’s pallu.

Gopi asks Meera if she is fine and says let us go home. Inebriated Meera shouts to get out. Gopi slaps her and says she fulfilled responsibilities as mother and now she is showing her right, she will not let her here. She drags her towards car, gets her in and leaves.

Jigar and Urmila wait for Gopi and Sahir’s call. Samar calls him and says he is fine. Urmila asks where is Sahir. He says he is with him and is fine. She asks to hold Sona, she will come and punish her. He says he is coming home with Samar and they should also go home. Jigar calls Gopi and informs that Samar and Sahir are coming home.

Gaura reaches home, looks at broken vase and thinks plan worked as she wished.

Kokila with Hetal, Baa, and Madhuben wait for Jigar and Gopi’s call. Jigar reaches with Urmila. Kokila asks where are other. Molu comes first and then Tolu with Sona wearing garlands. Kokila is shocked to see that and shouts at Madhuben that she planned all this and trapped Tolu via Sona. Madhudben denies her involvement and says it was sona’s plan. Kokila tries to slap her and Tolu stops her. Sona says Madhuben is right, it was all her plan. Kokila continues shouting.

Precap: Gopi brings Meera home. Kokila says who injured Meera. Gopi says a person who has to protect her tried to molest her.

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