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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th November 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Animal activists try to beat Gaura again. Vidya stops them. Activists praise Vidya that she is saving Gaura who troubled her so much. Kokila says her good sanskars are with her granddaughters. Gaura smeared Vidya’s face black, but god punished her by smearing her face red. Gaura shouts that Karunesh’s atma will not bein peace until she punishes Kokila. Gopi says Karunesh died due to unforeseen consequences and not due to Kokila, she should change her thinking. Kokila tells Vidya that she is just a call away and should call her if Gaura even touches her.

Once they all leave, Dharam shouts that modi’s insulted his baa and he will not keep quiet. Gaura says it is time to blow shank and make a final attack. They both go to room where Karunesh’s ashes are kept and write with kumkum in front of ash pot.

Modi family pray in the morning. Ahem tells he is taking Tolu/molu today to office to introduce them to investors. Whole family gets happy. Kokila says now everyone will call tolu/molu as Samar and Sahir and says she is happy that Ahem and Jigar and taking new generation forward and she is proud of them. She tells Ahem that he should do garba visarjan with Gopi tonight. He says gopi does everything alone and let her do this also alone. Kokila says he should not tell that and says she has lived her life well and now even if death comes, she will not be sad. Gopi asks not to say that. Their conversation continues.

Gaura calls Kokila and after a bit of witty taunts invites her with family for garba visarjan. Kokila informs Hetal and Gopi. Hetal tells Gaura is always behind her to harm her. Kokila says not to worry. Gopi says after visarjan, we will go to Gaura’s house to meet Meera and Vidya.

Precap: Gaura calls Kokila and says today she will do Vidya and Meera’s sacrifice.

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