Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th November 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th November 2016 Written Update

Sona tells that it is difficult to handle Jai and Veeru and says she will scold them. Urvashi asks what happened? Jaggi says Jai and Veeru are not here, and may be someone have kidnapped them. Urmila shouts and asks who had kidnapped them. She scolds Jaggi and Radhika. Sona asks them to say what happened? Urmila calls her irresponsible. Sona cries and tells her husband that she wants her sons. Radhika cries. Urvashi asks Jaggi, what you were doing when the kidnapping happened? Jaggi says I went to temple, and when I came out, I saw her talking on phone and Jai and Veeru missing. He apologizes to Sahil and says I didn’t know that she couldn’t take care of kids. Kokila says this is not the right time to talk about this and says we shall search kids first. Jaggi tells Urmila that kids
are safe. Urmila says I told you to kidnap them, but you brought them here. Jaggi says I don’t want them to worry and panic, so brought them here. Gopi comes with Police and says nobody shall go out. She says she has brought Police.

Sahil says you means to say that you know about their kidnapping. Gopi says I also know who is the kidnapper, and asks Inspector to make the person speak the truth. Inspector asks Jaggi to tell where he has hidden the kids. Sahil and Sona ask if he has kidnapped our kids. Gopi says yes, Jaggi is the kidnapper and asks Inspector to start enquiry and do whatever he wants. Jaggi tells Inspector that Gopi is not Governor to whom he is listening. He says Jai and Veeru are safe. He scolds Inspector and calls someone asking him to bring kids here. Jai and Veeru comes inside with a guy. Sona cries and hugs her sons. They ask why you are crying and tells that they were playing with uncle in the lawn. Kokila asks Sona to ask kids to go to room. She apologizes to Inspector and asks him to go. Inspector goes.

Dharam gets angry on Prakash for calling him, and says he is not bothered to become nana or anything. He says it is your kid, handle him and cuts the call. Meera asks Dharam to listen to him, and says he called to give good news. Chanda hears him and asks Meera what is this drama? She makes Meera sit and says I will massage your head. Meera says no need. Chanda asks about Dharam conversation on phone. Meera tells her about Nayya and tells about all her doings. Meera says don’t know what problem she had with us, that she had ruined our lives. Chanda says may be she is possessed. Meera asks her not to take stress and watch TV. Chanda thinks she got an idea to stay in this house for forever.

Urvashi asks Jaggi, why you have done this. Gopi says it was Jaggi and Urmila’s plan. They want them to take kids out, and then get the kids kidnapped so that we blame Radhika for their kidnapping and call her irresponsible. A fb is shown, Urmila and Jaggi plan the fake kidnapping to break relation from Radhika. Fb ends. Gopi asks how can you do this, Radhika is my choice and you can’t reject her. She says I have brought a gift for you for your new journey of life and asks him to see what is her thoughts about Radhika. She gives photo frame to Jaggi. Jaggi opens it and sees their family album in which Radhika is also there.

Gopi says Radhika is also a family and completes it. Paridhi thinks drama after drama. Kokila scolds Urmila and asks her to have shame for doing childish things at old age. Urvashi scolds Jaggi and asks didn’t you have shame to play this prank. Urmila apologizes to Kokila. Jaggi also apologizes to them. Kokila asks didn’t you both think about Radhika, and says she is crying a lot. What you will tell Radhika or her parents. Urvashi says I am ashamed of your doings. Gopi says you can do whatever you want, and we have not forced you, you have promised us that you will marry girl of my choice, you are engaged now, and have to marry her only. Jaggi looks on trapped by Gopi.

Gopi asks Jaggi to understand and asks why you are increasing trouble. Jaggi says am I increasing troubles? He asks her to think what he is going through as he loves her (Gopi). Radhika hears him and is shocked.

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