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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th November 2015 Written Update

Kokila tells Gaura that Vidya will not sacrifice goat. Gaura says she will not change her family rituals for anyone. Vidya says killing a life is inhuman and mata rani will never accept killing her children. Gaura asks Shravan to take his wife in as sacrifice will happen for sure. She asks Meera to sacrifice goat. Modi family requests Meera not to do this sin. Meera says she will as she does not like animils and Modis. Gaura smirks and gives her sword. Meera raises sword and whole modi family turn their face. She drops sword and says she cannot and cries.

Gaura scolds that chatanki’s both daughters are waste. Kokila says she told her granddaughters will not break their barriers. Gaura says she will do the honor herself and raises sword. Kokila is shocked to see blood on floor and sees Gopi holding sword with blood running down her hand. Kokila wraps her hand with kerchief.

Animal activists enter chanting slogan towards Gaura and declaring she simply cannot kill goat. Gaura shouts this is her residence and her desire. Ahem enters and says if she does not listen to these folks, they’re going to call folks. These are definitely not her neighbors who will get scared of pehelwan Dharam. Activist thanks Dharam for contacting them in time. He says his wife Gopi needs to be thanked for informing him what is happening During this dwelling. He sees bandage on Gopi’s hand and asks what happened. Activist comment 1 aspect Gaura really wants to destroy innocent goat and various facet Gopi risked her existence to safeguard it.

Gopi begins her moral gyaan. Woman activist remarks that Gaura will not have an understanding of all this and picks h2o balloon to throw on her. Dharam shouts that he will get rid of them. Male activists hold him. Woman activists toss color h2o balloon on her and smear her experience red. Urmila with Kinjal joins activists and thinks she is going to smear Gaura’s encounter black for blackening Vidya’s experience. Gaura warns Vidya to depart goat and Vidya says she is not going to. Dharam asks servants to throw all activists out. Urmila provokes activists to defeat Gaura. Activists defeat Gaura and after that say Meera also needs to be punished. Gopi and Kokila cease them and say Meera needed to eliminate goat but could not as she however has modi loved ones sanskar.

Precap: Kokila tells Gaura she smeared Vidya’s face black and people smeared her face red and even hit her, she should change before it is too late.

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