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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th May 2016 Written Update

Meera feeds dinner to Vidya. Vidya says she is not a kid. Meera says it is for chotu. Family listens that and smiles. Sona serves dish to Pari and says it is specially for her. Pari keeps in on table and then tastes it. Sona smiles. Kokila says Gopi after a long time, she is seeing smile on her family’s face, but she is worried about Gaura.

Servant brings food for Gaura and calls her sethani ji. Gaura cries in front of god’s idol that she became sethani ji from baa, baaji, maaji. She failed today due to her arrogance, she does not want to live. Kokila says Gopi she knows how it is to spend life alone, she faced it when she was in jail and Ahem was away from her. Gopi says Gaura did big sins and should be punished. At this age, Gaura’s living alone is a big punishment, god should give her some strength.

Durga serves dinner to Dharam and Shravan and says she perpared daal chawal. Dharam says sometimes stomach should be given rest. Shravan says plumber will come tomorrow. Door bell ring. Dharam opens door and sees Gaura standing. He tries to close door and asks her to go back. She forcefully enters and pleads him to come back home. He says world does not know that she is a culprit. Gaura says she is and wants to repent. She requests Shravan to convince his father. Shravan says he himself does not want to come, because of her Vidya does not want to see even his face. Gaura says she will bring Vidya back and asks Durga to tell what mother feels when her son goes away. Durga says she can understand her feelings, but she cannot forget how she risked Dharam’s life to take revenge from Meera and Modi family. Gaura says she will change. Dharam says he does not trust her and sends her out. She cries outside. Dharam prays god what should he do. Durga says one side his baa and other side Meera who loves him a lot.

Modi family wakes up hearing door bell and gather down. They see Gaura standing. Ahem asks why did she come here. Kokila asks why did she come at this time instead of waiting for morning. Gaura says she will not see morning again. She apologizes whole family and says she tried to destroy Kokila, but destroyed herself. She pleads to help her get back her family and send Meera and Vidya with her, she will accept any punishment she gives. Kokila asks what madness is this. Gaura starts beating herself with broom stick and pleads again to send her granddaughters, without them Dharam and Shravan will not return. She then requests MMeera to forgive her. Meera shouts to stop her drama and get out from here. She is a bl**dy murderer. Gopi in her usual 60s tone says she should not misbehave with elders. Meera says Gaura deserves rigorous punishment and asks her to get out, else she will kick her out. Kokila asks her to be patient, there is difference between Gaura and them. Meera says Gaura is a chamelion and will change her colors and if they spare her, she will take revenge again. Kokila says she should not cross her limits. Meera asks if she was hanged, should she have been in limits. Gaura says Meera is right, she should be punished. She then pleads Vidya to forgive her and let her unite with Shravan. Meera says Vidya she should not trust Gaura as she will spill poison again. Vidya says she cannot forgive her as she is separated from Shravan because of her. Gaura says Shravan loves her and came to apologize. Vidya says Shravan left her listening to her and some day he will listen to someone else and will leave her again, so she should get out from here. Gaura then pleads Kokila to give her a chance and send her granddaughters with her and save her family.

Precap: Gaura looks at poison bottle. Servant gives Gaura’s suicide note to Dharam.

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