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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Meera crying looking at Dharam’s dead body and asks him to return back. She says she can’t live without him, and will never fight with Gaura again. Kokila thinks what has happened? Two ward boys takes Dharam on a wheel chair and takes him to ambulance, and the Modi family don’t see them. Ward boy calls Gaura and tells her that Dharam is fine. Meera cries badly and asks how can I live without him. I am very bad….Gaura asks why are you crying now and says true lovers never kill their love and instead die. She asks didn’t your hands shake while killing my son. Meera cries. Gaura says your game is finished. She holds Meera by her hairs. Kokila asks her to leave her daughter. Gaura says Dharam might have done a sin in his previous birth and that’s why fell in love with her in this birth. She says your Dharam ji is burnt now, and says you have snatched him from us, you can’t be happy….never. She says you made a helpless mum cry and says you will never be happy.

Kokila asks Gaura not to curse Meera. Gaura says I will curse her and all her family. She says you made me childless, and your family will suffer the same as me. She asks Durga and Nayya to come home and says we will have to fulfill all the rituals. She says you are Dharam’s widow and have to do all the rituals. Durga cries. Meera says I will also do the rituals and runs behind Gaura. She asks Gaura to take her along with her. Gaura says you are not needed, you had no relations with Dharam or our house. Meera says even I was Dharam’s wife…take me along with you. Gaura pushes her and she falls down on the ground. Gopi shouts Meera. Meera takes an auto and follows Gaura’s car. Gopi tells Ahem that they shall also go. She asks Vidya to go home and take care of Meera.

Sona cries and asks Baa why you didn’t let me go there. Baa says you are newly married bride and is not allowed to go. Sona says even though Meera refuses to accept, but she loves Dharam very much. Gaura tells Durga that she will called as a widow now, and wipes her sindoor. Vidya asks Durga to get up. Gaura says it is a rasam and you will not understand. Vidya says it is wrong. Gaura says it had happened with Nayya also. Meera looks on shocked. Vidya is worried for Meera as well. Gaura asks the women sitting there to break Durga’s bangles. She says atleast you are very lucky as you have Dharam’s memories and two kids from him, but some people are very unlucky. Meera tells her that she wants to do this rasam. Gaura smirks and thinks she is trapped as well. She thinks Dharam should have long life. All Modi family return home, except Ahem, Gopi and Kokila. Sona asks Hetal about them. Hetal says they will do rasam and come home. Hetal tells Baa that meera have suffered a lot. Sona asks them to have strength and take care of Meera. She says we have to make her believe that we are with her. Paridhi asks her to shut up and blames Sona for the happenings in their house.

Shravan tells Vidya to go and says he don’t want to talk to her. Vidya says I can understand. Shravan shouts at her and asks her to leave. Vidya asks why are you angry on me? Shravan asks why did your sister kill my dad? He folds his hands and asks her to leave. Vidya says it was an accident and Meera didn’t do anything intentionally. Shravan says she kept sword on his neck and threatened to kill him. He says she has always threatened him, but he loved her instead. He asks her to go and says he don’t want to talk to her now. Ahem, Gopi and Vidya reach Gaura’s house. They ask Meera to get up. Gopi is shocked to see Meera doing the widow’s customs.

Gaura tells them that they will do important ritual now, and says both wives will get bald as per the ritual. Ahem, Gopi and Meera are shocked.

Written Update by H Hasan

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