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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Gopi and whole Modi family hear sound from Madhuben’s room and knock door. Madhuben opens door. Kokila asks what is she doing. Madhuben shouts at her why she always questions her. Gopi asks next. Madhuben says she wants them all to feel sorry for killing Radha. Kokila says Radha’s death was necessary as she wanted to kill baby Rashi and nobody should speak about it in this house. Madhuben says she knew nobody wants to repent of their deed and says that is why she is preparing something and shows them nail bed.

Gopi asks what she is up to. Madhuben says she will sleep on nail bed for Radha’s soul’s peace. Gopi pleads not to do this. Madhuben forcefully sleeps on bed. Gopi asks her to get up. Madhuben says if she agrees to what she says, she will. Kokila asks Gopi not to agree, but Gopi ignoring her (and proving that real mother’s love is different and just calling mother has no meaning) tells Madhuben she will. Madhuben says she got Radha in dream last night who said if they do pooja in omkareshwar, her soul will get peace. Kokila again asks Gopi not to accept this, but Gopi ignoring her again says yes and says she will go to Omkareshwar with her. Kokila says she will not let Gopi alone and she will go with her.

Durga massages Gaura’s scalp. Gaura scolds her for being gentle. Meera asks if she should massage her. Gaura yells she does not want her neck strangulated and asks her to wake up in the morning soon as they have Shiv pooja at home. Meera says Maa, naani, and daadi are going to Omkareshar. Gaura thinks Madhubala is up to something now.

Madhuben performs Shivji’s idol’s pooja with milk and says today is her performing milk abhishek and soon she will perform Kokila’s blood abhishek.

Modi family sits for breakfast. Kokila says she feels something weird. Gopi says until she is she should not worry and starts emotional dialogues that she is her maaji, etc. Ahem says he does not want them to go to Omkareshwar as mom came out of danger just some time ago. Gopi asks not to worry, she will protect maaji.

Precap: Madhuben thinks Ahem fear will come true soon as Kokila will die in Omkareshwar and wil not return home.

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