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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Kokila smirks thinking how she mixed bhang in Dharam’s pedha. She then follows Dharam’s car in auto.

Sona tells Tolu/Sahir that she cannot come back to Modi bhavan as Kokila will not let her in, but she can come as his wife, they can marry right now. Molu says it is not that easy. She says Sahir if he will lose her if he does not marry her.

Urmila meets Gopi and Jigar. Gopi asks why did she come here instead of being with Meera. Urmila says Kokila called and informed her to reach here.

Molu tells Tolu he cannot such a big decision without family’s permission. Sona says if he does not marry her now, she will leave him forever. He stops her and says he will marry her. Molu asks when they left life’s simple decisions on family, then why he is taking such a big decision without them, he should think about Kokila, Gopi and others. Tolu reminisces Gopi telling she is proud and whenever he has to take life’s biggest decisions, he has to listen to his heart. He tells Molu that he knows family will not accept Sona easily, so he has to marry her. Sona requests Molu to agree. He agrees and calls pandit.

Dharam reaches home inebriated under bhang’s effect. Meera opens door. Gaura locks door from inside and enjoys seethaphal and throws seeds in Karunesh’s ash pot. Pot is seen empty and Gaura laughs. Dharam searches medicines in his room. Meera asks what happened, if she should get him coffee. He says no. She says she is preparing coffee for her anways. He nods yes. Gaura hiding behind chairs thinks why did not Meera come yet. Meera comes down and walks towards kitchen and keeps milk to boil. Gaura calls her and she goes out. Gaura silently slips into kitchen, calls Gopi and says she called to apologize her. Gopi says she does not believe she can change. Gaura starts her lengthy dialogues and frights Gopi. Gopi gets tensed and rushes towards Gaura’s house in taxi.

Gaura mixes bhang in Meera’s coffee mug and hides again. Meera comes back, mixes milk and coffee and takes her mug to room. Gaura thinks Gopi should come here to make her plan successful. Gaura feels dizzy and falls on bed. Dharam also falls on bed.

Precap: Gopi knocks Gaura’s house door and thinks when Meera is inside, why is she not opening it. Meera shouts for help from inside.

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