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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Premlatha comes back home with Sona and asks her to show howmany gifts she bought her. Sona shows he precious sari, jewelry, and makeup kit. Premlatha asks Gopi why is her sari dirty and her face red as if someone slapped her. Gopi stands silently and thinks someone must be behind Premlatha, else how will she act so daring.

Gopi goes to Premlatha’s room and searches her mobile. Premlatha comes, thinks she is cleaning room, and says that is why Gopi is mad behind Gopi and calls her adarsh bahu. She walks out. Gopi continues searching, finds mobile, and tries to leave silently. Premlatha comes back and twists her hand and orders to give back he mobile. She slaps Gopi and asks her to be in her limits, else she cannot imagine how her maaji will be tortured.

Dharam gets engrasped in Meera’s thoughts. Gaura calls her. He does not reply. Durga brings tea for her. She throws tea on Durga and shouts she is so ugly that Dharam does not even look at her and is in Meera’s love. She then tries to slap. Dharam gets conscious hearing Gaura’s shouting and asks her to stop insulting Durga as he has promised Vidya and Shravan that Durga would get respect in this house. Gaura shouts because of Durga her son insulted her and tries to slap again. Dharam stops her and asks her to spare Durga.

Gopi asks Sona if maaji was with her whole time during cinema and shopping. Sona thinks she should not break daadi sa’s promise and says yes she was with her always. Gopi thinks she is lying. Premlatha hears their conversation and thinks whatever gopi tries, she cannot reach her maaji.

Dharam at his spice factory sits on a cot and starts looking at Meera’s pic on his mobile. Truck’s breaks fail and it crawls towards Dharam. Vidya is on mobile talking to Meera looking via balcony. She sees Dharam and shouts papa. Durga hears her shout and sees truck crawling towards Dharam and shouts. Truck hits cot and he falls down. It then rolls over Dharam and Gaura shouts nahi….

Precap: Premlatha orders Gopi to drink juice if she wants to save her maaji. Gopi hesitantly drinks juice.

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