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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th October 2015 Written Update

Shravan calls Modi family. Gaura sees him speaking and starts torturing Meera. Shravan asks her to leave Meera. Gaura asks Dharam to hold Meera, brings candle and drops borning wax on her hands. Meera shouts. Shravan asks why are they being so cruel. Dharam asks him to turn around if he does not like it. Kokila shouts over phone to stop. Gaura says just like she troubled her, she is troubling Meera. Ahem asks what is happening. Gopi shouts at Ahem to save Meera. Kokila shouts she will not spare Gaura Suryavanshi. Gaura slaps Meera, throws her on sofa and asks her to stop drama as it is her house and not Modi bhavan, she is not her dadi or mother to tolerate her tantrums, Modis have thrown her out like fly from milk, and shouts if she shouts again she will pour wax in her eyes. Shravan disconnects call. Gopi pleads Ahem and Kokila to save Meera. Kokila says until she is alive, she will not let Gaura torture Meera.

Once Shravan leaves, Meera starts laughing. Dharam and Gaura praise her acting and will power and Gaura says she tolerated so much pain to take her revenge. Meera says she gets what she wants and taking revenge from Modis is important for her. Gaura says with this drama, her sister Vidya will come back running.

Kokila in her typical style shouts from today Gaura is her enemy and she will punish her for spoiling Meera and Vidya’s life. Gaura has seen her frienship and now she will see her raudra roop. She will repent for her sin. Gaura on the other side tells time will tell who will repent and now time is in her favor and Kokila’s time has finished. Kokila shouts Gaura’s time has finishe and she Kokila modi will destroy Gaura, Krishna bhagwan’s promise. Gaura prays god to be on her side.

Hetal asks Kokila to calm down and think wisely. Gopi says there is no time for thinking as Meera is alone at Gaura’s house and they have to rush before Gaura harms her. Kokila says nothing will happen to Gaura, she will go and bring Gaura right now. Jigar says we will not go there. Kokila asks what does he mean. He says Gaura saw Shravan speaking over phone and purposefully did this drama. Meera is very strong and clever and she would not tolerate Gaura and Dharam’s nonsense and would have shattered Gaura’s house. Kokila says he is telling right and she cannot go and bring Meera here slapping her as she does not want to come, she will wait until Meera changes. Ahem asks why is she talking about Meera, she broke relationship with us, so he does not care if she lives or … Gopi shouts. Kokila asks to complete his sentence that shelives or dies and says she knows he is most concerned about Meera. He says neither he is worried or concerned, so she should stop thinking wrong. Gopi tries to stop him. Kokila asks her to stop worrying about Meera and concentrate on how to bring back Meera home and defeat Gaura in her own home.

Meera packs her clothing inside a suitcase. Dharam asks why is she packing her clothing. He suggests it’s none of his business. He holds her hand. She shouts if he does not have any manners, cultureless illiterate. He shouts and she counter shouts. He throws her garments and asks to take a seat silently. She shouts to have out. He raises hand to slap, but Gaura holds his hand. Meera shouts how dare he is to raise hand on her and asks Gaura to control her son. Dharam asks Gaura to control Meera, else he will modify her deal with’s shape. Gaura asks him to go out and sit calmly. He leaves. Gaura asks why is she reacting now as an alternative to looking forward to her sister. Meera suggests she gave her 24 hours and when Vidya doesn’t come in just 24 several hours, she’s going to go from below and neither she nor her mannerless son can stop her. Gaura asks her to quiet down, asks what she eats and claims she’s going to satisfy her promise.

Precap: Kokila asks Gopi to wipe her eyes and imagine a approach to teach Gaura a lesson and convey back Meera. Vidya suggests they can’t do just about anything and she needs to go back to her sasural.

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