Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th November 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th November 2016 Written Update

Jaggi sleeps on his bed thinking he should sleep before something happens. Radhika brings kheer for him. He asks what is she doing here in strange man’s room at night. She says he is not stranger for her, they are made for each other. She says she was preparing lassi for him, but could not make, so she made kheer for him as he likes kheer. She insists him to have kheeer. He acts as getting his friend’s call and says he needs to go. She says he is so innocent, when did phone ring. He says promise, i ranged and he needs to go. She says h e can go today, but from tomorrow he has to take her for Rajkot sight seeing. He runs from there.

At midnight, Chanda goes to Meera’s room. Meera opens eyes and asks what is she doing here. Chanda says she was not
getting sleep in her room and was feeling uneasy, so she came to sleep here,if she can sleep here. Meera says okay. She wakes up Dharam. Dharam asks if 9 months are over, if they have to go to hospital. Meera says Chanda wants to sleep here, let us go and sleep in guest room. Vidya comes and says they don’t have to go anywhere and says Chanda that it happens during pregnancy, she will sleep with her. Meera has brought her so many blanket and other things, it is better if she sleeps in her room, anyways papaji will not get sleep in other rooms. Meera says yes. Dharam asks if their discussion has finished if he can sleep now. Vidya says yes. Chanda prays jalaram bappa. Vidya with with jalaram bappa’s grace, even she is with her and says let us go. Chanda feels jealous and fumes that her plan failed.

Jaggi goes and complains Urmila about Radhika’s moves. She says Gopi selected Radhika and they have do something with Gopi should reject Radhika. Jaggi says they should plan something that Gopi herself will reject Radhika.

Radika takes morning tea for Urvashi. Urvashi says she is lucky to get a beti in bahu Radhika says even she is lucky to have a saas like her and jaggi. She asks Urvashi to tell more about Jagggi. Urvashi says Jaggi is like a child and the way to his heart is via his stomach, means he likes food a lot.

Jaggi sitting in his room picks milk glass thinking he is so tensed and above that, he is hungry also. Parag enters. Jaggi ges angry and tries to leave. Parag says he knows what he is going through and wants to help him. Jaggi says how will he help, he cannot. Parag says he knows what he is feeling, each day will look like years, he really wants to help him. Urmila enters neki aur pooch pooch, do se bhale teen in auspicious work. Parag leaves saying they can seek his help if needed. Urmila says let us start Rahika bhagao and jaggi bhachao abhiyan. Jaggi says she is marvelous. He says enough of buttering and tells her plan.

Meera cuts apples for Chanda and says Chanda that apple is good for both mother and child, if she does not like apple, she wil milk make her hot applie pie or thick milk shake. Chanda says she will have apple pie also and tries to pick apple piece. Meera asks her to wash her hands first. Chanda leaves and clashes with Dharam. Money bag falls from Dharam’s hands and he asks Chanda if she is fine. Chanda says with just a small fall, she will not die. Meera scolds her to not talk about dying. Chanda gets mesmerized seeing so much money. Meera asks why is he carrying so much money. He says he was trying to do business with a chilli businessman and could not since years, today he could and says it is because of his lucky charm Meera and their upcoming child. He gives her money and asks her to go and keep it in locker. Meera leaves. Vidya sees Chanda’s expressions and tells Dharam that Meera is very lucky for him and now their child, he should invest in a plot in child’s name. Dharam says it is a good idea, he will inform Meera about it. Meera tells Chanda that Dharam treats Meera like a queen. Chanda asks if she does not want to become queen, she is busy working all the time. Vidya says she likes working and nobody can come between her and her sister. She says soon after bearing child, she will go to her home, until then she will take care of her and will bring milk shake as Meera told. Chanda grins and thinks even she wants to live in this house like a queen.

Jaggi comes home and sees Radhika chatting with Pari and Sona. He thinks she is already settling down here. Radhika sees him and asks where had he gone. He says for workout. She says he looks so hot after workout and says she has made something for him. Pari says Jaggi that Radhika knows what he likes more. Radhika brings halwa for Jaggi. Jaggi says he gave him kheer and asks for Rajkot sightseeing, today what will she ask. She says he did not take her for sightseeing though. Gopi enters. Jaggi looks at her and says he promised her to take for a sight seeing. She asks when did he promise, she did not hear. He says he promised in his mind, how will she hear. Jai and Veeru also insist to come along. Sona says they have to study and cannot go. Jaggi says yes, it is Radhika’s turn today. They insist. Radhika says let us take them, she will get a practice to handle children when they will have their own children. Sona takes Jai and Veer to get them ready. Jaggi looks at Gopi.

Precap: Jaggi and Radhika come home after sight seeing. Radhika cries. Urvashi asks what happened. Jaggi says Jai and Veeru went missing. Tolu asks what he means. Jaggi says he thinks someone kidnapped them.

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