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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th November 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Madhuben starts her emotional atyachar on Gopi and says if she cannot keep her daughter Radha’s pic in her house, she will leave right and acts as walking towards door. Gopi stands silently. Kokila stops her and says she can keep it in her room, but not force them to remember Radha. Madhuben says she will punish herself for hurting them all and steps on broken glass. Gopi in her typical style calls maaaaa and stops her stepping on glass and takes her to her room. Madhuben thinks she thought Gopi will be on her side and punish Kokila, but she is on Kokila’s side, she will break their unity.

Kokila gets call from Vidya in the early morning. Gopi also gets call and even Jigar. They all meet in a hall and surprisingly think why did Vidya call them early morning. Jigar says when he called back, her phone is switched off. Kokila says Ahem they all 3 will go and he should be around Gaura’s house and if needed come in.

Gaura smirks after calling Modi family from Vidya’s mobile and thinks she is the best and now Modi’s will see her revenge. Kokila with Vidya and Jigar reaches Gaura’s home. Vidya gets happy seeing them. Kokila asks why did she call them all. Vidya says she did not. Gaura returns Vidya’s mobile and asks Kokila how was her style of invitation. Kokila says just like she is, dramebaz. Gaura says acting runs in her blood. Gaura then tells Meera to take care of her 2 samdhans. Meera orders Durga to bring water. Shravan does not react even after hearing this. Gopi asks Meera to behave with elders. Meera shouts this is her house and it is her wish.

Gaura tells Kokila that according to her spouse and children rituals, they manage animal for 9 times of navratri and afterwards sacrifice it. This time, Vidya is acquiring possibility to sacrifice goat. Vidya is stunned and says she will not likely. Gaura claims she must as she promised her. Kokila says Vidya is not going to. Their argument begins. Dharam asks Kokila to shut up, else she can get heart assault at this age. Shravan ultimately interferes and claims even Gaura is shouting. Dharam asks him to shut up, else he will split his enamel. Arguments continue on.

Precap: Gaura asks Shravan to just take Vidya within as Meera will sacrifice goat now.

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