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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Modi family coming to Dharam’s funeral. Police stops them. Gaura warns them and says nobody will come near my son. Kokila asks what is all this? Gaura blames the moment when she made friendship with her, and says you have swallowed my brother and now my son….Kokila says you are thinking us wrong. Gaura asks her to make Ahem lie down on the death bed. Gopi shouts Gaura….Gaura says just look at my condition. Meera asks why is she lying and says he is not Dharam ji, but a dummy. She says I know you hates me much and loves him much. She says I saw Dharam ji taking breath and says he can’t die. Gaura says your tears can’t washed your blood soaked hands. She says did Doctor lie? Kokila asks Gaura to let them go near the dead body and see. She says once Meera looks at Dharam dead body, she will be sure that he is Dharam. Gaura refuses to let Meera or anybody see him.

Durga cries, folds her hands and asks Gaura to let her see Dharam once. Meera shouts and says he is not Dharam. Gaura asks them to kill her and make her lie beside Dharam. She asks her men not to let anyone enter the area and asks Pandit ji to start the rituals. Shravan says a son has a right to give fire to his dad, and asks her to let him come. Gaura says you was ashamed to call him dad and now saying pita ji…She refuses to let him in and says she will give fire to her son’s body. Nayya says she will come, but Gaura refuses. Gaura asks Kokila to see a mum’s pain while giving fire to her son’s body. Kokila asks her to calm down and says she can understand her pain. Durga folds her hands and says please let me come inside. Gaura says only she is the one who loved my son selflessly and asks her men to let Durga inside. Meera tells Ahem that Gaura can’t burn her alive son. Ahem says if you are so confident then we will check. Durga cries touching the arthi….The men don’t allow Ahem and Meera to come inside. Meera asks Durga to lift cloth from the dead body’s face and asks her to believe that she is saying truth.

Kokila asks Ahem and Jigar to stop and says Durga will see. Durga lifts the cloth and sees Dharam’s face. She is shocked. Gaura seems to be shocked too, and the pot falls down from her shoulder. Meera cries and sits down in shock. She says this is not true, I have killed him with my hands. Durga cries badly. Pandit ji gives agni stick in Gaura’s hand. Gopi recalls Meera and Gaura’s words. Gaura goes towards the dead body and says you have forced me to do this. She recalls and a fb is shown. She asks Doctor to check and says her son is breathing. Doctor checks his pulse and says he is alive. He says they have to stitches the wound. Gaura asks Doctor to operate in the ambulance van. She tells Dharam that it is happening because of him, as he has gone against her and supported Meera. Gaura asks Doctor to give injection to Dharam to make him get unconscious for some time. Doctor refuses, but Gaura threatens him and offers bribe. He agrees. Gaura calls the man who works in crematorium ground. Once they reach hospital, doctor gives her dead certificate. Gaura calls jaggi and asks him not to do any mistake. He assures her. Jaggi praises Gaura’s idea. Gaura pulls the long wood and Dharam’s body gets inside the pit. Meera and Durga cries badly. Gaura gives fire to the wood.

Meera screams and says she can’t live without Dharam…calls Dharam ji…..Someone is taking Dharam on wheel chair and Gopi happens to see his face, gets shocked.

Written Update by H Hasan

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