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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Premaltha boasts herself in front of Madhuben and Gaura how she escaped from Modi bhavan today by taking Sona for shopping and leaving her in cinema hall. Madhuben says if Sona will know she is not at cinema hall, she will create problem. Premlatha says she is not a fool and says she told her that she has some other work.

Madhuben reminisces meeting vegetable vendor Premlatha and her voice and body structure being exactly like Kokila’s. She reminisces involving Gaura in her plan. She then goes to Kokila’s room with Sona and requesting her to forgive Sona. Kokila asks them to get out. Madhben adds sleeping pill in Kokila’s water and giving it to her. Kokila gets drowsy afer drinking water. Madhuben then asks Sona to convince Kokila until she agrees and leaves out. Sona with her witty language tries to convince Kokila and walks out. Madhuben then comes back, rolls Kokila in a bedseet, and throws her from balcony into Gaura’s truck. Gaura shows her thumbs up and leaves.

Gaura’s turn starts. She describes how Madhuben showed her Premlatha and they planned Kokila’s kidnap and replaced Premaltha in Kokila’s place, etc. Premlatha’s turn starts next. They all 3 continue their confession. Madhuben says she wanted to separate Kokila and Gopi first, but now she will punish both Kokila and Gopi. Gaura says she will take revenge from Modi family and destroy them. Premlatha says she is fed up of her 6 x 4 chawl room and will enjoy a lavish life as Kokila. Their talks continue.

Gopi comes back home. Hetal asks where did she go on Meethi’s scooter. Gopi says she had urgent bank work and says it is very hot outside and she is tired now. Hetal asks her to go and rest then.

Precap: Gopi searches proof in Kokila/Premlatha’s room. Premlatha comes and slaps her.

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