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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd October 2015 Written Update

Gopi asks Kokila to have strength and fight with Kokila. Kokila says she didn’t have any strength left. Gopi says I got strength from you. She says you was the one who made Ahem and me unite with each other and we are together because of you. I never missed my mum because of you. You have loved me so much which may be my mum couldn’t give me. She says everyone agree with you. Urmila says I always troubled you when you was with me for 10 years, but you never accepted defeat. Baa asks Kokila to get up and fight. Kokila says I don’t have strength. Gopi asks her to realize her inner strength and then she can defeat Gaura Suryavanshi. Gopi asks Kokila that because of her, her relation with Rashi strengthen although Rashi is not with her now. She says we got strength when Rashi left her. She says you gave strength to Jigar, and got him married to Paridhi. You gave a mum to Tolu and Molu. Hetal says I never took any decision without your opinion. She says is this thread breaks then everything will be broken.

Jigar says you gave upbringing to Rashi which I couldn’t give and took care of my responsibility. Ahem says you can’t accept defeat. Kinjal says you stopped me from marrying Umang and got me married to a honest man. You have corrected all my mistakes. Vidya says I lost 10 years of my life without my mum and you told me about my mum’s truth. Kokila says I feel ashamed whenever I look at Vidya. Gopi says Meera and Vidya are educated and nothing will happen if their marriage break. She says you have to support me. Kokila says I don’t have any strength. Gopi says you have forgetton your strength just like Hanuman. She tells about his story and asks her to revive her inner strength. She says Kokila Modi will defeat Gaura.

Hetal says you have to defeat the wrong. Ahem says you are our inspiration, get up. Jigar asks her to get up and says you are virangana. Gopi says you are a mum who can do anything. Shravan thinks Maa went to temple, and asked me to call Vidya. He calls Vidya, but she didn’t pick his call. Gopi says I will not let you lose, and you have to take revenge from Gaura. Meethi comes and gives call to Vidya. Vidya takes the phone and hears Shravan’s voice. Shravan says I love you, and don’t know how to make you believe. Vidya says “trust”? and asks him not to call her again. Gopi takes the call and asks him to say.

Shravan apologizes to her and asks her to generate Vidya understand. He asks her to present one chance to him, and guarantees not to Permit any tear are available her eyes. Gopi asks him to halt it and cease troubling Vidya. Just then they listen to Gaura beating Meera, and gets shocked. Gaura beats Meera for arguing her. Gopi asks Shravan to provide get in touch with to Meera. Shravan asks Gaura to leave Meera. Meera shouts inquiring her to leave her. Ahem asks what Gaura is executing with Meera? Shravan asks Gaura to go away her. Dharm asks Shravan, why He’s showing sympathy in the direction of his move mum, and asks him to maneuver back. Meera asks Gaura to leave her while she slaps her, and pulls her hairs. Gopi warns Gaura not to the touch her daughter. Gaura states Meera is educated and needs a different punishment.

Gopi, Kokila, Ahem and others hear Gaura torturing Meera. Meera screams when Gaura burns her hand with sizzling candle.

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