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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd November 2016 Written Update

During Jaggi’s engagmenet , Urmila and Kokila don’t see Gopi around, so they go to Gopi’s room and see her packing he clothes. They ask why she is packing her clothes. Gopi says Jaggi agreed for marriage on her insistence, and if she stays here, he will not marry, so it is better for her go from the er silently. Pari enters and says engagement is about to finish, what are they doing here. She sees Gopi clothes in suitcase and Ahem’s pic. Kokila says Gopi that she will not go anywhere and it is her order. Pari says let us attend engagement first and takes them out. Urvashi hears their conversation and thinks if Gopi goes, Jaggi will not marry, so she has to stop her until Jaggi’s marriage.

Meera takes out her extra saris thinking of giving it someone. Chanda enters. Meera asks if she finished milk. Chanda says 2 glasses and sits next to Meera. Meera sees her dupatta torn. Chanda says not only her dupatta, all her clothes are torn and she wears them helplessly and looks at Meera’s saris. Meera says she can keep her saris. Chanda’s eyes widen in greed. Vidya watches it standing near door.

Jaggi and Radhika’s engagement continues. Urvashi asks DJ to place music and let children dance. DJ plays Jag Ghoomeya, thare jaisa na koi…song.. Tolu dances with Sona.. Urvashi asks Jaggi to dance next with Radhika. Jaggi asks Gopi to watch how he dances with his fiance. Gopi stands silently. He dances with Radhika on Naino me sapna, sapno me sajni….song…very well looking repeatedly at Gopi to make her jealous. Gopi walks from there.

Jaggi asks Urvashi where is Gopi. She says she must be somewhere around. He says he agreed for marriage becaue of Gopi and if there is no Gopi, then no marriage. Urvashi gets tensed.

Meera comes back from shopping holding lots of shopping bags. Vidya asks if her diwali shopping is not yet finished. Chanda excitedly with greedy expression asks if these clothes are for her. Meera says yes, Chanda’s clothes were torn, so she shopped for her. Vidya sees 2 lakhs bill and stands in a surprise.

Urvashi goes to Gopi and requests her to stay back until Jaggi’s marriage, else Jaggi wil not marry Radhika. Gopi agrees.

After Jaggi and Radhika’s enagement, Radhika’s parents thank Urvaahi and Kokila for making engagement arrangements so well even after being from bride’s side. Kokila says it was their duty. They say they have to go back on some important work. Urvashi says let Radhika stay with us so that she can know if Radhika will serve or she has to serve Radhika. Gopi says it is a good idea, anyways this house wil be also Radhika’s soon. Jaggi and Urmila look angrily.

Precap: Urmila tells Jaggi that Gopi thinks Radhika is best match for him, so they have to do smethig that should change Gopi’s opinion regarding Radhika. Jaggi says they should do something by which Gopi should herself reject Radhika.

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