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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd November 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Vidya requests her parents to go from Gaura’s house and cries. Gaura brainwashes Meera that Vidya uses tears as her weapon like Gopi and is Modi family’s favorite because of this. She wants to make her feel low always. Meera shouts at Vidya to stop her drama and says she came here for Shravan and not her.

Ahem get angry and says he did not know Meera would become like Gaura and dharam so soon. Vidya asks him to go with family as she does not want any fight here.

Kokila tells Gaura that Vidya is sanskari bahu and Meera will also soon realize her mistake. Gaura says she will not. Meera asks Kokila how can she insult her saas. Kokila asks her to shut up, else she will forget that she is her poti.

Vidya hugs all family members. Kokila says maa jagadamba will protect her and she should not lose hope. Whole modi family leaves. Shravan apologizes Vidya for today’s incident and leaves towards his room.

Meera in her room while removing jewelry thinks Vidya does a lot of melodrama. Dharam enters and starts staring her. She asks why is he staring her. He reminisces dancing with her and says he thinks they should participate next year in a couple dance. Meera says she is not interested in couple dance. He asks then what is she interested in. Meera thinks it is better to keep calm than making him shout and says he must be tired and should sleep here while she goes and lights pooja temple lamp. Dharam gets happy. Gaura enters and tells Dharam that she will send Kokila and granddaughters to jail and take revenge.

Gopi returns home with family and sees Madhuben drawing rangoli. She asks what is she doing. Madhuben says she is decorating floor for diwali. Whole family is shocked to see Radha and Rashi’s photoframes with garlands. Madhuben says today her daughter Radha is getting respect after many years. Kokila angrily goes stepping on rangoli, reminisces Radha forcing her to rub her nose on ground, and throws Radha’s pic on floor. She then walks on it. Madhuben picks photoframe and glass pricks her finger. Gopi and Sona get concerned. Kokila asks Madhuben how dare she is to keep Radha’s pic here, she cannot forget Radha tryin to kill Rashi and gopi, she will never forget that rakshas in life. Madhuben starts emotional drama and says Radha did big sin, but she is her daughter and she gets sad reminiscing her. Kokila says she can reminisce her, but not force Modi family to reminisce her. She asks Gopi to inform her mom not to keep Radha’s pic here. Madhuben asks Gopi if she also wants to say that she cannot keep her daughter’s pic here. Gopi is speechless.

Precap: Gaura tells Kokila and Gopi that she has a ritual of sacrificing animal during pooja and Vidya will do honor of sacrificing baby goat.

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