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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd May 2016 Written Update

Kokila confronts Gaura that she wanted her family to obey her without any question, now she should stay in her mansion alone with servants who will obey her. Truth always wins. Ahem says why is she talking to Gaura whose family is leaving her alone. Modi family walks towards door. Gaura angrily picks knife and tries to stab Gaura, but Ahem holds her hand and warns not even think of it. Kokila tells Gaura that she is alone like always, but she has whole family. She used her children like a weapon and did not care for them, so she deserves to stay alone without family. Modi family then walks out of door.

Durga apologizes Meera and tries to touch her feet. Meera asks not to blame herself. Gopi says Meera let us go. Dharam asks if she is not coming with her. Meera asks him if he thinks he is punishing baji by leaving her alone, she deserves to be in jail and she will file case against baji. Dharam says she can, but he will not speak against her. A mother’s biggest punishment is her son leaves her alone and he is doing same. Meera asks what if she had died, would he have given same punishment to baaji. Kokila says she should not talk inauspicious. Meera says when Gaura wanted to prove him dead and wanted her to be hanged, she would have killed gaura. Dharam says she is talking about his baa. She says he always talks about his baa and family, what about her, it is good they got divorce, she was mad that she was waiting for him.

Kokila tells Dharam that Meera is going through a bad phase and is behaving like this. Dharam says he understands. Kokila says he is punishing himself by staying away from Gaura as she knows what it is to stay without children, she lived 10 years without her Ahem and Gopi. Dharam says sa he knows baa, she does not think from heart at all and apologizes Modi family on Gaura’s behalf. Hetal asks why is he apologizing. Gopi says it is not his mistake. Dharam says if he had not encouraged baa take revenge, this would not have happened. Kokila invites him to come and stay with them. Dharam says he cannot stay with them as they are not related now.

Gopi says they are related with humanity and should stay with them. Dharam says it is okay. Urmila says he can stay with family in her chawl and starts her jokes. Kokila says Urmila’s suggestion is right and he should accept it. Parag says Kokila is right. Dharam says Shravan will not come with them as he is going somewhere and prays god to reunite Shravan and Vidya.

Gaura closes main door and reminisces Dharam’s words and cries vigorously. She blames Kokila again for separating her from her son and family. She starts breaking things.

Vidya opens door hearing door bell and happily hugs Meera. Meera then goes and hugs Baa. Baa asks her to go and thank god. Meera says she wants to do important work before that. Vidya asks what is that. Meera calls Shravan in. Vidya gets angry seeing him.

Precap: Shravan requests Vidya to forgive him and tries to take child’s oath. Vidya angrily shouts not to take child’s oath as it is only her child and not his.


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