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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Gaura normally takes out her brother Karunesh’s ash pot and reminisces how her brother poured kerosene and burnt himself in front of her. She says Kokila alleged that Karunesh attempted to rape her sister Jigna, so their relatives was kicked out. Karunesh suicided not withstanding insult. She then ties rakhi on ash pot and says she is going to acquire revenge from Kokila by getting her grandson married to Kokila’s granddaughter and starts off crying vigorously. Dharam tries to console her. Urmila watches The full incident peeping via window.

Gaura sees window open up and claims a person was listed here. She hurriedly retains back again ash pot in her suitcase. Dharam comes out to examine, but Urmila hides. He claims no one is in this article and as a consequence of air door have to have opened. Urmila drops exhibit piece. Gaura opens window and it hits Urmila. Urmila gets dizzy and falls on floor. Gaura suggests Dharm that somebody was in this article. He claims there is no one particular and asks her to rest. Urmila calls Kokila that will help her.

Pari sleeps on flooring. Jigar claims if she would not wish to rest on mattress, He’ll sleep on ground along with her. She goes back to bed and suggests if he comes up, he she’ll visit hall. He sleeps on flooring Unfortunately.

Each morning, Dharm will get out of Gaura’s bed and goes for your walk. Gopi arrives out and walks in the direction of temple when she sees Urmila unconscious on floor and phone calls Everybody. Gaura comes out and asks what occurred chatanki. Full relatives gathers and asks what happened to Urmila. Gopi suggests she was strolling to temple and saw Urmila on ground unconscious. Gaura reminisces yesterday night time’s incident and thinks Urmila need to have viewed ash pot. Gopi sprinkles drinking water on Urmila. She wakes up, factors at Gaur and says she is hiding one thing in her suitcase.

Kokila asks Urmila asks how can she allege Gaura with no evidence. Urmila claims she has evidence and noticed herself Gaura and Dharam hiding something in suitcase. Gaura says she methods her drama in front of suitcase and claims even Kokila recognizes that. Kokila claims she is right. Urmila asks Gaura to indicate what on earth is in her suitcase then and asks Kokila not to get Vidya married to Gaura’s grandson and spoil her daily life. Gaura begins drama and says Kokila she would not Examine everyone’s cupboards, then why she need to exhibit her suitcase. Gopi states they ought to Examine it then. Kokila agrees. Meera thinks Urmila is very clever and hopes she breaks Vidya’s engagement.

Gaura agrees to point out her suitcase and will take Absolutely everyone to her place. Urmila asks her to open her suitcase now. Dharam arrives and asks what is occurring and asks Gaura what on earth is all this. Gaura claims they would like to see my suitcase. Dharam says she shouldn’t open up it. Gopi says for an improved marriage, they need to have faith in each other, so they should know what is in suitcase.

Precap: Gaura opens suitcase and Kokila remarkably asks what exactly is all this.

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