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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th October 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Meera tells Gopi and kokila that they should bring anklet for their vevan/herself. Gaura starts her drama. Kokila says she will bring anklet and other gifts for Meera and Kokila. Meera fumes at Gaura that her plan is failing. Gaura asks her to calm down and wait and watch. Kokila happily tells Gopi and Hetal that they will meet Meera and Vidya after a long time.

Gopi insists Sona to accompany her to Meera and Vidya’s house. Sona asks Madhuben to come with her as they can steal there also. Gopi sitting next to them surprisingly does not hear their conversation at all. Madhuben tells Sona to go alone.

Meera enters Vidya’s room. Vidya says she is looking beautiful in new sari. Meera angrily says she did not come to hear her praise and gives necklace to wear during function and says her parents are coming tonight. Vidya says this necklace is very precious. Meera says she is ordering her and not requesting and continues yelling.

Kokila with family reaches Gaura’s house. Gaura greets them all and starts her witty talks. She taunts that whole modi family is Kokila’s puppet and bend in front of her. Kokila does not get angry and taunts that bandar na jaane adrak ka swad.. Gaura fumes, but acts as laughing and says she enjoyed venting her anger on her granddaughters and tells what all she did, blackening Vidya’s face, throwing Meera in cow dung, etc.. and says she should watch her words before uttering, else her granddaughters will be punished instead. Kokila recites geeta shlok and says she can trouble her granddaughters’ body, but cannot even touch their souls. Gaura says she got jealous now. Gopi starts next and says Gaura cannot make Kokila jealous at all as Kokila is a big thought which runs into Modi family and nobody can change it.

Gaura thinks Kokila will see what she will do now. Meera enters. Gaura greets her. Gopi smiles and walks in the direction of Meera, but Gaura stops her and says chatanki’s eyes are huge open seeing her vevan’s elegance. Vidya comes jogging and happily hugs Gopi and Kokila. Shravan comes with Durga and greets them. Gopi and Kokila greet Durga. Gaura alerts Durga to the touch Gopi’s ft. Durga bends, but Gopi retains her and afterwards hugs. Meera and Gaura fume.

Precap: Meera insults Gopi that she brought anklet for a person vevan and didn’t for her.

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