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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th November 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Urmila while having dinner throws tantrum and scolds Kinjal for preparing tasteless food. Gopi asks her to let it go. Urmila continues her drama. Kokila says she is not mad and is just acting and should go and stay in her chawl now. Gopi tries to intervene, but Kokila pushes Urmila towards door.

Meera holds Urmila and says it is Kokil’a usual plan, she throws people out when she does not need them, just like she thew her. She tells her naani Urmila will stay with her in her nouse from today. Urmila says Kokila that she lost respect in her eyes. Kokila says her bad deeds made her kick her out of house. Meera says just like Dharam and Gaura accpted her, they will accept her naani also and asks Dharam if she is right. Dharam nervously nods yes and thinks what will Baa say now. Kokila says Urmila that her house doors are permanently shut for her and asks to get out now. Meera takes Urmila from there. Dharam and Shravan also follow her wishing jai shri krishna to Modi family.

Hetal tells Kokila that she did not do right by sending out Urmila. Jigar asks her to call Urmila back. Kokila says she did right and will not call Urmila back. Kinjal says she and Urmila fight a lot, but she never asked Dhaval to kick out Urmila. Gopi also says same. Kokila says again she did right and nobody will discuss about it hereon. Madhuben thinks Kokila’s family is going against her and she will take her revenge from Kokila soon.

Gaura excitedly thinks she should have been at Modi bhavan now to see Kokila panicking seeing Meera’s vastra haran video. She mimics Kokila and thinks what if Kokila comes with family here, it will be very exciting. Meera comes with Gaura and says Kokila threw Urmila out, so she brought her here to stay with them. Gaura shouts that her house is not an old age home and starts shouting. Meera and Urmila plead her to let her stay in her palace like home. Gaura continues shouting. Meera and Urmila hold her legs. Meera then sees Dharam, Shravan, and Vidya coming and thanks Gaura to letting naani stay in her home. Gaura shockingly looks at Meera’s face but stands silently.

Precap: Gaura sees Urmila sitting on her swinger and asks her to get up. Urmila leans on swinger and says now rules are changed and her rules will work here.

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