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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Gaura yells at Meera that her adamancy will not work in her house. Meera says she will not tolerate her nonsense and says she is Vidya’s child’s maasi/aunt and will not her give child to anyone.

Kokila consoles Gopi and says Vidya has biggest strengt with her now, Meera. Meera will protect Vidya and her child.

Dharam asks Meera to keep quiet. Meera says she is ashamed of herself that she loved him, when he cannot be his children’s, why will he care for her feelings. He is so rude that he cannot understand a mother’s feelings and is trying to separate Vidya from her child. Dharam brings sword, keeps it on his neck and asks her to kill him. She says she will kill whoever tries to separate Vidya from he child. Gaura throws sword and asks if he has gone mad and shouts at Meera that she will throw her out today. Meera says she cannot send her out till 6 month divorce proceedings are over. Gaura stands fuming. Meera takes Vidya along. Naiya peeps from door. Meera shouts her to go in and she will not get Vidya’s child.

Gopi engrasped in thoughts overfills oil in lamp. Kokila wakes her up and says she was overfilling lamp and asks her not to think much as Meera will protect Vidya. Sona brings tea and with her jokergiri gives them tea. They both smile. Hetal calls her with song Sona kitna sona hai.. Sona says Hetal is calling and goes to her room. Hetal asks why did not she prepare her face pack yet. Sona gives face pack and jokes that she will look hot in her old age and many old grandpa will be behind her. Hetal laughs. Sona continues her jokergiri.

Naiya stops Vidya and starts emotional atyachaar. She finally requests to fill her jholi with a child. Vidya stands crying emotionally.

Precap: Dharam tells Gaura that they will not give Vidya’s child to Naiya. Gaura says she has promised.

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