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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Gopi calls Kokila and informs that they found Sona’s mobile on road and even people told they saw her. Police does not want to help, so they are searching themselves. Kokila looking at Madhuben says she will file police complaint for sure and asks her not to worry, they will find Molu soon.

Doctor dresses Durga’s wounds and says Shravan and Vidya that her conditional is critical and she has to stay here tonight. Shravan informs Gaura who asks him to let Vidya stay with Durga tonight.

Kokila says she will file police complaint for sure and takes mobile. Madhuben thinks all her secret will be out once police comes. Hetal just then asks her not to call police as Sona’s life will spoil. Madhuben holds Kokila’s legs and requests not to file police complaint. Kokila says she will wait for 2 hours then and if Molu does not come, she will file complaint. Hetal asks if they should inform Urmila. Kokila says Urmila loves Samar and Sahir a lot and will panic if she will know about Sahir’s kidnap.

Gaura shows fake concern for Durga. Dharam says he will give her some money and send her back to her village. Gaura says not to do that and says only they will go to immerse Karunesh’s ashes in ganga. She then says she forgot her shawl and will bring it from her room. Dharam goes towards car. Gaura then locks door, breaks locker with screwdriver, peeps in and then shouts at Meera to be careful at home. She then locks door from outside again and thinks now Meera is gone. She then reminisces how she planned and dropped hot oil on Durga and smirks.

Sona and her goons reach temple and she asks her goon to get Tolu (who is actually Molu) ready as groom. Pandit asks who is bride and groom. She says she is bride and groom will come soon. Goons get gunny bag from Molu and he wakes up, but they shut his mouth and dorn him sehra and then make him sit next to Sona. Sona says pandit that she needs fast marriage. Pandit asks if everything is fine as groom is not talking. She says he is fine and asks to start mantras soon.

Tolu walks into temple thinking he should find Molu and Sona soon. He sees Sona and calls her. She hears his voice and turns. He asks what is happening. She says if he is here, then who is down. She removes sehra from Molu’s face and is shocked to see him. Tolu says if she wanted to marry Molu, then why did she act as loving him. She just nods head in shock. Tolu says if she would have told she loves Molu instead of him, he would have united them. Her goons continue pushing Tolu and beat him. Tolu then overpowers them. One of them picks rod to hit him when Sona snatches rod and beats them shouting how dare she is hit her Sahir. Tolu frees Molu. Goons ask why did she hire them to hit boys and raise hands to hit her, but Tolu and Molu hold their hands and beat them till they escape. They then ask her what is all this.

Madhuben thinks she should know where Sona is and tries to go away from Kokila to call Sona. Kokila stops her and asks where is she going. Sona calls her just then and she disconnects call. Kokila asks why did she disconnect call. Madhuben says unknown call. Kokila asks to give phone, she will check who is it. Madhuben drops call purposefully and says it is not starting. Kokila snatches phone and says it will be with her as she knows she will try to alert Sona. Madhuben thinks she removed battery from mobile, else Kokila would have known her secret. Hetal asks Kokila if Gopi called back. Kokila says Molu will come back soon. Madhuben leaves saying she needs to go to bathroom. Kokila says she is under her scanner.

Precap: Gaura calls Madhuben and says she liked her idea, but Vidya or Meera may be harmed by it. Madhuben says she does not care what happens with Kokila’s family as she just wants to take revenge from Kokila.

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