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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Premlatha comes home afraid and says family that she has a ghost in her home. Hetal calms her down and asks what happened. Urmila says she heard chair falling and someone gurgling in a room and then electricty went off. Gopi senses something is wrong.

Fake Kokila slaps real Kokila and shouts that her Gopi identified her easily. Kokila says she and Gopi are one soul and two bodies and they sense what is in each other’s mind. Fake Kokila laughs on her again. Kokila asks her water. Fake Kokila says she must be tired after so much torture. She feeds water, applies plaster on her mouth and runs out laughing evil from window.

Gopi says family she has important work and tries to leave. Hetal asks what happened. Gopi says she has some work and leaves. She asks driver to take out car. Driver says all car has gone for servicing. Gopi then takes Methi ben’s scootie and rushes to Urmila’s home.

Gopi reaches Urmila’s home and calls maaji. Kokila gurgles. Gopi takes chair and breaks door open. Kokila points at electric wires. Gopi switches of main and rescues Kokila. Kokila slaps her and says she is Premlatha. She laughs that her maaji told that her Gopi will find out her soon and Gopi brought her here. She transferred Kokila already knowing Gopi’s investigation instincts. Gopi pleads to show her maaji once. Kokila says if she forces she will show her maaji’s more torturing videos and asks her to run from there. Gopi runs out.

Premlatha then dances on song Are deewano mujhe pehchano mai hun don…song…Madhuben and Gaura then join her. She then eats pan parag and says she was missing this in Modi bhavan. They all 3 continues dancing and singing and planning how to destroy modi family.

Precap: Madhuben tells Premlatha that she wants to destroy Gopi and her family completely and enjoy it.

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